You often travel far away? You have to know about qasr and taqseer prayer

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Important lesson for you who like to travel, this is a matter of prayer qasr and taqshir

musafir-1Assalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb.

Islam is a religion that is easy and does not complicated its adherents. It is a very big sin of the person who left the prayer, but prayer really very simplified. Not able to stand up, be done sitting, could not sit should be lay down, not be able to lay down on her back until the latter is simply signaled with her eyes and then with his heart. Just point lest anyone leave the prayer.

Definition of taqseer prayer

Salah Taqseer is collect two prayers at one time. For example: dhuhur performed at Asr time. It means that the time of entry zuhr time he did not do Salat zuhr, but performed at Asr time. So after entering Asr person doing the Dhuhr prayer and then perform the Asr prayer.

Prayers that can be done taqseer are as follows:

  • Salah Dhuhr collected by Salah ‘Asr
  • Maghrib prayers collected by Salah ‘Isha

While the dawn prayer in time and should not be combined with other prayers. These prayers are to be executed for some reason (obstacle) the following:

a. On the way were not for immorality
b. The distance is far enough, which is more or less 48 miles (that’s agreed upon by the school of Imam partly as mentioned in the book Al-Fiqh, as the opinion of the scholars Maliki, Shafi’i and Hanbali).

These prayers may be done by anyone who needs it, whether traveling or not and should not be done continuously for no clear reason, be done when needed.

Taqseer prayers can be implemented in two different ways:

1. Taqseer ‘comes first is two prayers and carried out at the time of the first prayer. For example dhuhur and Asr prayers carried at Dhuhr or pray Maghrib and Isha ‘held at the time of Maghrib.

Terms does is :

a. Taqseer intend that second prayer at the first prayer.
b. Praying first, followed by a second prayer
c. must be contiguous, meaning there interspersed with acts or in other words, except sit, or something that is very important purposes.
d. Intentions do taqsir coupled with the first prayer takbir, for example Dhuhr.

2. Taqseer’ done at the end of time is  two prayers and carried out at the second prayer time. For example, Zohar and Asr prayers held at the time of Asr or Maghrib prayer and Isha prayer ‘held at the time of Isha prayer’.

Terms does is :

a. Intend (say the first prayer) that : “I doing Dhuhr prayer at Asr.”
b. must be contiguous, meaning there interspersed with acts or in other words, except sit, or something that is very important purposes.

Definition of qasr prayer

Prayers were shortened, namely prayer fardhu 4 Rak’ats (Zohar, Asr and Isha ‘) made 2 rak’ats, each carried fixed in time. Implement qashar prayer is Sunnah. And this is a relief from Allah for those who meet certain requirements.

Terms prayers qashar :

a. On the way were not for immorality
b. Traveling 48 Miles
c. Prayer which has 4 rak’ah

See hadith of the Prophet Muhammad:
“Prophet Muhammad did not go, but do pray two Rak’ats only so that he returned from his trip and that he had settled in Mecca during Fath Mecca for eighteen nights, His prayers with the Jama’ah two Rak’ats except Maghrib prayer. Then the Prophet said: “O people of Mecca, prayed two rak’ah you all again, we are people who are on the move.” (Hadith, Abu Daud).

How to Implement qasr prayer :

a. Intention qashar prayer when Takbir.
b. Prayers are four rak’ah performed two Rak’ats later greeting.

The Qur’an says: ” When you go on a journey, there is no harm if you shorten Salat.” [Qur’an 4:101]

The holy Prophet has said: “This is a favour of Allah to you, so you should accept His favour gratefully.” (Bukhari, Muslim, Tirmidhi)

Prophet Muhammad said:

“From Ibn Abbas R.A. he said: “Prayer was obligatory upon the tongue of your Prophet in (habitation) four rak’ats, in Safar (journey) two Rak’ats and in (a state of fear / war) of the rak’ah.” (HR. Muslim).

Rules Friday prayers for the traveler :

Most scholars argue that no Friday prayers for the traveler, however, if the traveler is staying in an area held Friday prayers then obliged it to follow the Friday prayers with them. This is the opinion of imam Malik, Shafi’i imam, Ats Thaury, Ishaq, Thawr and others (Ibn Qudamah 3/216, Al Majmu ‘Syarah Muhadzdzab, Imam Nawawi 4 / 247-248, see also Majmoo’ Fataawa Shaykh Uthaymeen 15/370).






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