Women’s Long name baby Islami and means

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baby name islamicWe have compiled 200 names baby girl’s father and mother to study and make inspiration. Hopefully pleasing and safely arrange the names baby girl’s father and mother’s dream

slamic Women Long baby name and meaningMeaning of Names
01. abidah daniyaexperts who worship near (to Allah)
02. adibah nailal husnasastrawati who receive kindness
03. afifa fitriyathat holy and self-esteem
04. afifah khairunnisawhich is soft and the best of women
05. afra naila arkarnabe a full moon illuminating grace heart
06. afra nailal husnathat chirpy and receive kindness
07. agniya nurul fadhilahwhich is rich in the virtues of light
08. aida fitriyareply back to the fitrah (pure)
09. aina talita zahranthe eyes of a beautiful girl who sparkles
10. ainiya faida azmiher strong and full benefits for the surrounding
11. ainun mahyaeyes that shine
12. aisha alifathat is friendly and gentle
13. aisyah farhanagirls who live a happy and merry
14. aisyah mughni shalihagirl who is full of wealth and the good life
15. aisyah mariahgirl who lovely life
16. akifa nailadiligent in worship and love to give
17. alawiyyah ummu kultsumsimilar properties ummu Kulthum
18. alfi husni faadiyahget 1000 favor and protected
19. alfi inayatiget 1000 help
20. alifa alya hanifadignitary and unwavering stance
21. alifah dzatil izzahgentle, kind and noble
22. alisha amira fahimanoble, high standing and have an understanding
23. aliyah dzatil himmahnoble woman with a strong will
24. alma nur auliashine and gain glory
25. almira nailal humnahwomen leaders who earn ease

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