Weakness becomes strength woman


A woman has its own weaknesses. Especially for Muslim women who are bound by some rules in religion. And that is why feminists say hard to be a woman, because look at some of these rules:

1. Women more difficult guarded his private parts (more) than men.

2. Women need to ask permission from her husband when going out of the house but not vice versa.

3. Women are witnesses (if a witness) less compared to men.

4. Women receive less inheritance than men.

5. Women have to face the hardship conceive and bear children.

6. Women shall be obedient to her husband, while the husband did not need to be obedient to his wife.

7. Divorces lies in the hands of the husband and not the wife.

8. Women are less in worship because of the problem of menstrual and postpartum that does not exist in man.

That is why they are not incessantly promoted to “liberate women.”

But, look at the reverse of that weakness. Behind the weakness of women has a very large force.

1. Things that expensive will be maintained and defended along with stored in the safest and best. It is certain diamonds would not be allowed to scatter instead? That is incomparable with a woman.

2. Women need to be obedient to her husband, but you know the man is obliged to obey his mother three times more important than the father?

3. Women receive less inheritance than men, but you know it belongs to private property and do not need to be handed over to her husband. While if the man received an inheritance, he should / shall also use his property to his wife and children.

4. Women need to bother to conceive and bear a child, but know that every time he prayed by all creatures, angels and all the creatures of God on this earth. And you know if he died of childbirth is a martyr and heaven awaits him.

5. Hereafter, man will be accounted for four women, namely: wife, mother, daughter and sister. That is, for a woman to her responsibilities borne by four men, namely: husband, father, son and brother.

6. A woman was allowed to enter the gates of heaven through the door of heaven which he liked, enough with the four requirements, namely: praying five times, fasting in Ramadan, obedient to her husband and keep his honor.

7. A man shall strive fisabilillah, while for women if obedient to her husband, as well as fulfill their responsibilities to God, then he will also receive a similar reward like the reward of jihad fisabilillah go without taking up arms.

Mashallah, so the love of God in women. However, the most obvious weakness for a woman it is “women always forget how valuable he was.”


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