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Thank God, we can still see the great annual guests awaited for months. Yes, that’s what the month of Ramadan are full of blessings that night the conferral of a thousand moons. Either the how Ramadan works we skip? Of course it depends on the number of the age that we have been going through. Who wouldn’t want to try to getthe prize? Lest the nobel this year, it fell into the hands of us, Amen. Therefore, areasonable if a lot of people have always longed for and ne this month that it took preparation as early as possible to welcome his presence.

The usual Ramadan’s presence graced the occasion of Ramadan is often utilized bymany people as a time for self, clears first settled the heart and strengthen the backstrap of the fraternity with the relatives of the family. Cleanliness and welcome the readiness of Ramadan will be more beautiful if it is reflected from the sacred heart.Therefore, we often perform physical and mental preparations to welcome the month of fasting for a month full of it.
By the presence of the month of Ramadan, we often do a variety of ceremonial and religious events to welcome the month of Ramadan. That is what we are familiar with the term tarhib Ramadan. The term in the United Kingdom tarhib interpreted with “Welcome has a pretty deep philosophical meaning. Ramadan, we greet this means something that indeed we been waiting for his presence. Somehow the feeling when we were waiting for thrilling moments of the heart? Much less has been eagerly awaited for eleven months. The attitude was a form so the magnitude of our love for this month.
In our environment, at times leading up to Ramadan, there is a tradition unique to reveal incredible happiness. There’s a parade down Pakington ria and the convoy, some are doing a long march, there was a prayer schedule, spread there is friendship between each other, nothing, apologises, there are groups, a pilgrimage to the tomb of the family, and many more other such traditions. Not even a little bit of traders who are saving the results of his efforts over the past eleven months just to prepare forRamadan. He chose to go during Ramadan and not to sell in order to focus on worship.
Any of its activities, which clearly it all is a form of expression of the joy of Ramadan. If we can joyfully greet Ramadan, then we ought to be more rejoicing and excitement again if it has been Ramadhan comes along, as the moment.
Then, how is the Prophet Muhammad Ramadan? He did welcome Ramadan far-distant days before Ramadan. In shaban month, Prophet Muhammad even further improves the quantity and quality of worship. He saw, for example, fasting Sunnah never did as much as was done in the month of Sha’baan. One of the wisdom behind fasting insha’baan reproduce is as an exercise in the month-long fasting during the month of Ramadan. If it’s not a welcome ramadan? Yes, that’s one way to welcome the presence of the Prophet, Ramadan, a month of previously prepared.
By: Ustad Ahmad Ubaydi HasbillahTeacher Of The Quran Learning Centre

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