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Most people assume that there is a habit that had been attached to him and has become the identity (ID) himself in the eyes of others that could not be changed again. Then, he gave up on the temperament and feel quite with it. For example, he is satisfied with his height or the color of his skin, so that it becomes not sure if he could change the height and the color of his skin.

While intelligent person, he will regard that change a character that’s easier than changing the model of ready-made garments. Because, our character was not like milk is already spilled and can not be put together again. Character is something that is very likely to be changed according to our wishes. In fact, with specific expertise, we can change the nature or the mindset of someone else!

In his book  Thauqu al-Hammamah, Ibn Hazm told me something like this:

In Andalusia, there is a very well-known trader. Once upon a time, there was a bit of rivalry between himself and four other traders. Long story short, these four traders angry because the famous merchant and agreed to disturb the serenity.

On one morning, the famous trader went to his shop to wear the robe and white turban as a white head cover. Along the way, the first trader accidentally meet him. After greeting him with a greeting, this first trader looked toward the head cover and said, “How wonderful that your yellow turban …”

The famous trader react. “Are your eyes been blind? This turban white, not yellow! “He snapped irritably.

But, the first merchant coldly replied, “No, it is yellow turban. Right …, yellow and beautiful … ”

Feeling annoyed, the famous trader was also ignored it and soon passed away. However, only a few steps later, the second trader confronted him and say hello to him. After that, he looked at his turban and said, “How handsome you today! How beautiful your clothes, let alone your green turban that …. ”

“Hey buddy, this white turban!” He added while saving annoyed at heart.

But, the second trader was actually said, “Really, turban was really green …”

This time, the famous trader it would hold his temper. Then, with a loud he said, “is a white turban, man! Scram from me, quick! “Then, the second trader went away.

While, the famous trader of this unfortunate step forward, muttering upset in the liver. Once in a while he noticed that the tip of his turban unraveled on his shoulders to ensure that the color of his turban completely white.

Moments later, he arrived at his shop. Then, he took out a key and was about to unlock the door. However, suddenly the third trader approached and greeted her with the greeting. Once answered, the third trader said to him, “O sir, how beautiful this morning. Moreover, as I see you wear clothes that are very nice and very beautiful blue turban that. ”

Hearing these words, apparently well-known merchant in hesitated with his belief that the turban is really white. Then, he saw his turban and holding it while rubbing to ensure color. Then, he rubbed his eyes and then said, “O Brother, this sorbanku putiiiiiiih ….!”

“Blue, not white! Even turban fits perfectly with the color blue. So, you do not need to be sad, “argued the third trader while passed away.

With the upset, the famous trader shouted to him, “O my friend, is a white turban!” Then, she noticed the back of his turban while flipping the edges with full anxiety.

A moment later, when he was sat in his shop as he kept looking at the tip of his turban, suddenly the trader came fourth. After greetings and a little pep talk, this fourth merchant said to him, “Welcome to My dear sir. Ow, masya Allah, it would be nice that your red turban! Where you buy it? “Again, this well-known the trader must also be upset. “O my friend, look, this sorbanku white”

“It is not white, but red ..,” said the fourth with a straightforward trader.

Hearing that, the famous trader becomes discouraged and he staring at the end of his turban. Moments later, he said to himself, “This turban is green! Uh … and not green, but white. No, not white, but blue. Oh, not blue, but black. ”

And shortly after that, suddenly he laughed to himself, then shouting and occasionally sobbing. In fact, sometimes he was jumping around like a little girl giggling.

Ibn Hazm said: Since then, I saw crazy and often pelted with gravel by small children on the streets of Andalusia.

Thus, not only the four trader had been able to alter the character and behavior of the well-known the trader, but also his mind, only with the basic abilities to influence others, which of course they never learned.

Well, how do you with the skills that can be learned, illuminated by the light of Al Qr’an and sunnah, and then practiced by a person with a view to worship God keapada? That is, did these skills not only change the nature, but also the mindset of ourselves and others?

Therefore, let us learn a variety of proficiency or expertise that could lead us to success and happiness. Then, after that, a good practice the skills that you have mastered later to achieve happiness.

If you are not convinced and said to me, “I can not ..!” Then I would reply, “Try …!”

And if you say, “I do not know how …!”

I would answer, “Learn to …!”

Remember, s.a.w Prophet once said:

“The knowledge gained by learning, patience was obtained by practicing patience.” [huuwaida]

Source: The Book Enjoy Your Life! Enjoy the art of living, Dr. Muhammad ‘al-Areifi, Publisher Qisthi Press


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