Traditional herb natural medicine insomnia


Changing times make people seek a natural remedy insomnia. Why is that? Because today many people who can not sleep at night or also called insomnia, the disease is often not fuss because it is usually referred to as a natural thing, especially you coffee fans who will always be maintained if a black cup full. This sort of thing would have caused a potentially fatal consequences for human health itself, so it’s good you want to recover from illness insomnia.┬áIf you want to recover from illness insomnia. you can create a natural medicine insomnia with the following simple manner.insomnia

Traditional ingredients using vegetable kale

A creeping plant and Iebih like to live in this wallow water, but can produce a nice meal. These vegetables can also treat pain insomnia. All you need is a bunch of fresh spinach can be found in the traditional market or modern market. Cut the kale leaves and stems used then wash. After that, make a stir fry of vegetables kale use water and not oil, stir-fry until the water is absorbed perfectly on kale. We recommend to consume the stir 2 times a day.

Traditional herb with honey

This golden yellow liquid is very popular with excellent properties for the body, in addition to good on just consumption. Honey is also very useful as probably the best healer of diseases. Use natural honey so that you get a better efficacy, how to make it easy, simply by dissolving one tablespoon of honey with warm milk in a glass. This can be a substitute for sugar to sweeten the milk. Glass of milk with honey is very well taken 1 hour before bedtime.

Traditional ingredients using nutmeg

You who like to cook would have known this spice, nutmeg but it could be a natural cure insomnia is quite powerful. How to make potions only takes nutmeg and honey, try natural honey. First you have to grind nutmeg until smooth, then pour on boiling water add honey and stir until blended. Should be drunk while warm in order to gain the maximum benefit, consume one day one time in a single dose glass every time a



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