Top 10 Healthy Food Enhancer Blood


Top 10 Healthy Food Enhancer Blood – When we lack the blood it will cause problems in our body such as anemia or dizziness and many more problems arising from lack of blood.

Blood is an essential component in our body whose function is to carry oxygen needed by the body’s cells. In addition to functioning as a transport oxygen, blood can also serve as a network supplying the body with nutrients, transporting substances metabolic waste, and contains various components of the immune system defending the body from various diseases.

Healthy Foods For Enhancing Blood

1. Heart
The livestock liver is one of the foods rich in iron are also needed by the body. Eat beef liver or chicken liver that contains a lot of iron.

2. Meat
Meat is also one of the many foods that contain iron at the same time and can increase the hemoglobin protein. Choose red meats such as beef, but that does not have fat.

3. Fruits
Eat fruits that contain a lot of iron. Fruits such as oranges, melon, apple wine, and lime. Fruits are able to add your red blood cells.

benefits of ginger for health

4. Seafood
Seafood such as fish rich in omega 3, fish suitable for adding red blood cells includes: tuna, salmon, sardines, and much more types of fish are able to supplement the blood in your body.

5. Vegetables
Tip this one is the best tips for you who like to eat vegetables
(Vegetarian). Potatoes are foods that contain iron but it also contains vitamin C. Not only potatoes that contain iron but include broccoli, spinach (containing vitamins A and C), mustard greens, kale, cinnamon leaf, red bean, radish, and much more other.

benefits of pandan leaves for health

6. Cereal
Cereals containing 20% iron if you took each day as
contains wheat which also serves to prevent heart disease and cancer. Quite a cup of cereal alone every day.

7. Egg Yolk
You can boil 1 chicken egg yolk and 6o grams of leaves of onion and mix with enough water do not go overboard and do too little. Eat regularly so that your iron is met.

8. Corn
You can consume corn with burned depends on your taste.
But it would be nice not to be burned. Corn is one of the food substances
contain iron but it also contains vitamins A and C as spinach.

9. Almonds
Would that you consume nuts are almonds but others may be due to some kind of nut besides almonds can add blood to your body. Just 1 ounce each day can give you 6% of your iron needs and do not forget to consume on a regular basis so that you get maximum results.

10. Rice Red
Brown rice is a meal fit for a diet instead of white rice.
In addition to dietary needs, brown rice can also be used as a food additive because blood contains iron.

That’s 10 best foods blood booster. In addition to 10 meals regardless that can make your blood increases. Besides iron can increase your blood, also the consumption of foods containing folic acid and vitamin B12. A few tips from us. Hope it helps.


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