He took a trip 3.2 km to school, has arrived this boy was laughed his friends look hair and his eyebrows are gray! it turns out that there is actually an amazing story. ..

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Going to school is mandatory for children aged 5 years and above, their schooling can turn into a more useful person later.

A child is even willing to walk 3.2 miles to go to school while the temperature is below freezing.

The 10-year-old boy has been dubbed ‘Snowflake Boy’ after making headlines overnight, taking a long journey to take his exams. The captured photo, now viral in social media, was captured by Fu Heng, Zhuanshanbao’s principal in Xinjie City, China, where the boy attended.

After being asked by Fu that he decided not to reveal the child’s name, he said that he was their third grader.

It appears that the photo shows the boy with a red cheek with white hair as it is frozen taken right after the child steps into the classroom.

His teacher said, “That is the first day of their final exams. The temperature dropped to minus nine degrees celsius about 30 minutes that morning. ”



The principal says that the boy lives away from school and that he is known as a ‘class clown’, he always finds a way to get his 16 classmates laughing.

The boy is suffering, he does not live with his parents as his parents work in big cities to get higher wages. He was with some of his brothers.

The boy ‘Fu’ said that the school gave him breakfast, as well as to other students whose condition was like him. However, Fu admitted that their classrooms are not equipped with heating due to lack of funds.


The cold weather makes the neighborhood freeze. Many students have trouble going to school because of the cold weather. But the spirit of the pupil has no effect on coming to their school. The story of a boy named Fu can be a good example so that our spirit to send our children to school.

Source: Erabaru.net