This is curse of to women who resemble men

This is curse of to women who resemble men

Allah has created man in their respective portions. Allah gives threat to women who resemble men and well as vice versa. This phenomenon indicates that the end is getting closer because it is a sign of doomsday.

In this article mentioned the term “curse of”. The point of this word is a person will be kept away from Allah the mercy . A hadith explains that the Messenger of Allah has cursed the men dressed woman or conversely. It is known that a woman is not allowed to imitate the style of dress, appearance, knowledge, or the thought of a man. This also applies to men. This is a curse of to who resemble the opposite gender.

A hadith said that there are three classes that will not be regarded by Allah on the Day of Judgment that is those who do not have the feeling of jealousy, a woman like a man, and a rebellious child to his parents.

Nowadays, seen many phenomena breaking the law resemble men and resemble women. Here are some of them:

1. Women counterfeit the manner of men dressed in shorts and sandals. Basically, pants and sandals are often used clothes men.

2. Often out of the house even though there was no need, like riding your own vehicle or public, along with a private driver, or by walking.

3. Imam Adz-Dhahabi explained that women will be cursed when he shows his gold, diamonds, and jewelry behind the veil or hijab. In addition, women who wear flashy clothes, perfumes and do something excessive.

4. Do not wear makeup, such as using eye shadow or others that look like men.

5. Hang out and overcrowding with men.

6. Talk too loud or high-pitched with men, although not yet know him.

7. Travelling without a mahram, and many others.

8. Imitating the activity of male virility and valor as demonstrated when the road to the market.

There are several underlying causes why there is curse of to women who resemble men, below:

1. Feeling less confident with the physical, so they chose to dress like a man.

2. Lack of fear and faith in Allah so easy to fall into sin, be it small or large. This can reduce the feelings we being watched by Allah.

3. The level of education is less because of how the state of a child depends on the environment in which he lived. If a person living with pious then it will be someone moral support pious and vice versa.

4. The influence of the internet access, be it Sos bok and tv. Nowadays, a lot of spectacle or readings that reflect transvestites.

5. Wrong form of taught by a figure in the neighborhood.

6. Having establishments that are not strong so just joined in with the surrounding environment. People who like this, they do not know what the benefits and the consequences of his actions.

7. No one is advised to correct his actions.

The causes of the above, we can prevent as much as possible so as not to fall into sin. Of Muslims, we must remind each other of goodness so that we can advise or give out as true for women who dressed like a man, or conversely in order to become a better person again appropriate to Islam.