Things that are prohibited and allowed in the mosque

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The mosque is the home of Allah SWT  on earth. It has a high position for every member of the Muslim community because it becomes their united place when praying in congregation and other worship activities. The Muslims will always be honored while returning to prospering the mosque as the previous generation of Muslims.

As a place for Muslims to worship that has an important role, there are some ethics that Islam has outlined while in it.

Things that are prohibited in the mosque

1. Prohibited selling in mosques

Prophet Muhammad pbuh forbade Muslims to conduct transactions in the mosque, if you want to transact should be done outside the mosque.

Explicitly, the Prophet pbuh was conveyed a statement: “When you see people transacting in the mosque, pray for Allah Almighty to unprofitable for they own trade.” This is summarized in the hadith narrated by Nasai and Tirmidzi.

2. Prohibited to singing, poetry, shout loudly.

The Messenger prohibits the sale, searches for lost goods, and poetry. Sabiq says, the intentions of the prohibition of syair is when it comes to ridicule against Muslims, praise for cruel people, and dirty words. On the contrary, poetry of wisdom, praise for Islam, and good advice. Scholars say it can be done.

3.  Do not beg in The mosque

Muslim scholars Ibn Taimiyah added one more thing which is not allowed in the mosque, that is begging. Basically begging in the mosque or in other places is prohibited except under the circumstances. For example, someone comes begging while the speaker is giving advice or people listening to advice.

4. Do not Seek and broadcast something

Abu Hurayrah (May Allah be pleased with him) said: The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said: “If anyone hears a man inquiring in the mosque about something he has lost, he should say: ‘La Raddaha Allahu ‘Alayka (May Allah not restore it to you),’ for mosques are not built for this purpose.” [Reported by Muslim in his Sahih]

5. Forbidden to talk about work, business, and worldly affairs.

Basically there is no problem talking or about world affairs in the mosque with the terms of the talk lightly, not widespread, noisy and do not disturb other people who are worshiping in the mosque.

The mosque was built not as a place to discuss the affairs of the world, but in order to worship God such as dhikr, prayer, reciting the Qur’an and other worship.

Things that are allowed in the mosque

1. Allowed to eat and drink

Inside the mosque is allowed to eat and drink but it is advisable if you want to eat or drink inside the mosque should be or prefer to neat and should not pollute the floor of the mosque, the garbage must be thrown in place.

2. Allowed to sleep Inside the mosque

At the mosque is also allowed to sleep. Sleeping in the mosque is not sinful because sleep is also one of worship, let alone sleeping people who are fasting.

The most important thing when sleeping in a mosque should be calm and can not stumble and pollute the mosque. If the person sleeping in the mosque masturbates it should immediately get out of the mosque.
Try not to touch the floor of the mosque.

3.  Permitted fragrance in the mosque

Furthermore, Muslims are required to clean and provide fragrances in the mosque. Aisha said, Muhammad SAW ordered the construction of a mosque in the village and ordered the mosque to be cleaned and fragranced.

Mosque is a place of worship, it must be treated and cleaned of all forms of dirt and odor.  Many people love to eat two types of plants when it smells stinging, namely onion and garlic. The Apostle, once sent someone to the water, the place of purification, when the smell of the person smells unpleasant.

4. Permitted tahiyatul mosque

Among the forms of admiration and respect for the mosque is by praying tahiyyat mosque 2 rakaat when entering the mosque. But the reality proves, this practice is still largely abandoned by some Muslims.

About the law of tahiyyat prayer the mosque itself is obligatory or sunnah, but it is proper for a Muslim to truly glorify and appreciate the symbols of Islam, which is a sign of piety.

5. Dressed beautifully towards the mosque

Just as the command of Allah Ta’ala in his words:

“O children of Adam, take your adornment at every masjid,…( Al A’raf : 31)

11 thoughts on “Things that are prohibited and allowed in the mosque

  1. Sadly, these rules remain mostly unknown to people or some do them even after knowing their regulations. For example, I’ve seen a few times people, women begging in the mosque or people shouting. May Allah protect us from evil. Ameen.

  2. Jazakumullah khair for this informative post. It really covers everything you need to know in a comprehensive manner.

  3. JazakAllah khair nice read! I wanted to ask about selling… my local mosque has a bookshop and often has events like fundays, where they sell baked goods and stuff… plus they sometimes have events that sell clothes, perfumes and other stuff… is this permitted?

  4. I always ensure I’m clean and wear tidy and neat clothes when I go to the mosque. It gives such a beautiful feeling being there.

  5. Thank you for your response. Prefer to buying and selling done outside the mosque is not in the mosque. Many are discussing this in the islamqa forum.

  6. I have a different opinion though. Masjid Nabawi was the centre of the state of Medina. As I read the daily routine of Prophet, he always had time to spend together with Sahabat in mosque after prayers discussing various things and daily disputes and fun included. And Mosques need to be center of our life rather than of the spiritual compartment. But as you said mosques are no place for disrespectful acts and we need to give our full attention while we are there. And Allah knows best.

  7. So many poor Syrians would sell socks, and little bags in the masjids in Istanbul. I felt so terrible for the women, inshaAllah there were no sins upon them for doing that.

  8. Very informative post..A nice reminder,,because mostly people know these things but forget to act upon these.

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