The Story of Ashabul kahfi

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A Short Story of Ashabul Kahf

The story of ashabul kahf is a story of 7 young men who became one of the proofs of truth enshrined in the Qur’an. If you think with logic that the story and the story about ashabul kahfi including an extraordinary event, phenomenal and very amazing. Any human will not be able to explain and will not be able to accept if there are people who can have age up to hundreds of years old. But for those who believe in Allah SWT and believe that nothing is impossible if God Willing then such people will come to a spiritual understanding that is getting closer to the Creator.

The story of ashabul kahf is not a joke, a fairy tale or just a fictitious human engineering. Historically the incident had a close relationship with the anxiety of Rosullullloh Saw when asked by some Jews to prove it that He was indeed a Prophet of Allah’s Messenger.

This Jewish man asked, O Muhammad, please tell us about the story of 7 young men who willingly alienate themselves to hold their belief in Allah SWT, if you are able to tell the truth then we will also follow your teachings and become part of Islam. Then the Prophet Muhammad Saw pleaded to Allah SWT and after a while later he received a revelation containing the explanation of the story of ashabul kahf or the story of 7 youths who were asked by the Jews.

The explanation of the story of ashabul kahf is contained in several verses from Surat al Kahf in the holy book of the Qur’an. In accordance with the content of al quran, the chronology of the story of ashabul kahf is as follows:

In ancient times lived a king named Dikyanus, he is cruel and arbitrary in leading his people. The super-authoritarian cruelty of the king imposed rules that should not be violated by his subjects. Anyone who opposes the wishes of the king is the same as wanting to end his life early. One of the unacceptable rules of the people is the compulsion of the will to worship God other than the will of the king.

All the people are required to worship the king and no one is allowed to worship other than the fucking king. Out of fear, most of the people of the country were subject to the king’s ruthless rule. But nevertheless, there is a group of young men who do not obey the wishes of the king; they secretly retain the desire to worship and admit that there is only one God worthy of worship and help. He is Allah the Sovereign of nature and its eternal and ever-endless, where we ask for help in joy and sorrow.

Belief 7 young men are then known by the eyes of the king who likes to lick and look face before the king, just the king dikyanus furious. The king then asked his assistants to immediately drag the young man to the king. Arriving in front of the raajaa, the seven young men were offered various tantalizing things such as high office, the more of power and the most beautiful woman in the country as long as the seven young men want to let go of belief and worship only the king of dikyanus.

They are not youths with a faith that is easily damaged crackers, they are also people who love the position, or people who love to indulge lust to women. The king’s offer was rejected emphatically and they preferred Allah SWT as Lord throughout his life. The youths’ answers made the king angry and lose control. He threatened to put the youths to death if in a few days he did not want to change his belief immediately.

The youth are not afraid of the threat and have been determined to keep faith to the last drop of blood. For them it is better to die holding the faith than to follow the king’s invitation to associate Allah SWT. These seven youths then made deal to hide in some a place. They went on their way, accompanied by a dog as a guide.

These seven young men finally arrive at a cave and to hide there. Exhausted, the seven young men fell asleep while the dog was around the door of the cave. The next day the king requested that immediately bring the youth to death, but this cruel king’s move resulted in failure, because the youths have gone and very hard to find.

All the people were deployed to search for dissident young men, whoever was able to find and bring them, the king had provided gifts and promotions to his loyal servants. The search began, there is a group of royal courtiers who finally found a cave in the middle of the forest. But because this cave is considered very haunted, they are afraid to enter it. In order to please the king, the royal courtiers reported that they had traveled all the places of the country and had closed a cave for the purpose that if these young men were inside they would starve to death and would not be able to get out.

That is the boundary of human logic that felt to have power and feel the most powerful compared with others, whereas we all understand if there is a power that can not be conquered by the human mind. He is Allah Almighty who will not allow anyone to make mischief and suffering to the servant of His beloved servant.

As time passes, times have changed from several generations. Now the kingdom that was once led by the cruel king plus mushrik has turned into a developed country and have the freedom in running their respective religious beliefs.

Meanwhile, the young men who were sleeping in the cave woke up because the stomach was hungry, they asked each other about how long they fell asleep in the cave. One of his companions said that if they might fall asleep for half an hour, another said if he fell asleep for an hour, then they did not understand exactly how long they had fallen asleep in the cave.

Then one of them was asked to go to the market for food. With a careful step they walk down the street while paying attention to the surrounding environment. He is still afraid of the eyes of the king of dikyanus. Until this noble young man in the market, he met one of the sellers who peddled the food. But the astonished seller with the money used by this young man, he looked at the youth and summoned a very wise market supervisor.

The market watchdog later brought this young man to the king of the sholeh. How surprised the king was when this young man told him who he really was, the king embraced the youth with so many tears. This pious king then explained to the young man that the cruel king of dikyanus had died 309 years ago.

Immediately the atmosphere of the palace became very quiet and touched by the presence of a remarkable young man. Unasked the king then invited everyone present to pick up the friends of the youths who are still in the cave to be taken to the palace. In front of many people, this young man said that we always believe in Allah SWT, never submit to anyone who invites in the way of apostasy and kemusryikan.

Although the king had asked many times for these young men to remain in the palace, but the youth refused and still chose to return to the cave again. Some time later God took their souls and returned to Him forever.

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