The story of Abdullah bin Abbas, a childhood friend of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

The story of Abdullah bin Abbas
The story of Abdullah bin Abbas

The story of Abdullah bin Abbas who is a childhood friend of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is be able provide us a lesson how to live a life in accordance with the teachings of Allah and the importance of comprehensive science. As humans, we have many shortcomings that need role models to live the life we have. Therefore, we will be read the story of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was Abdullah bin Abbas and took a valuable lesson.

Abdullah bin Abbas is the cousin of the Prophet and his uncle’s son, that Abbas bin Abdul Muttalib. He is one of the childhood friend of the Prophet who converted to Islam when he was young. This is the story of Companions of the Prophet Muhammad, Abdullah bin Abbas. As a child, he had already received the attention of Messenger of Allah along with his childhood friend the other.

Many times the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) inculcate the teachings of Islam in all these little friends. One time, the Prophet was walking down the village. At that time, the Prophet told Abbas that he would keep the commandment of Allah to His Allah will take care of.

If he is stay away from His prohibitions then Allah will get close to him. When he came to know Allah in a sense like to Allah would be recognize it at the time of grief. If he needs help then ask to Allah. Be believe that everything is predestined by Allah. If the entire world agreed to help but if Allah has not predestined then it will not happen.

In contrast, if all the people gathered to block it, but if God has decided not happen then it will not happen. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) also told her to do activities with sincerity and faith. Patience will bring positive results, the victory will be achieved with patience, and the success of passed through suffering, and the ease of it will be come after hardship.

The teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) this makes Abbas as a childhood friend who thirst for knowledge and true to the faith. One time, he seems the how the Prophet to pray and he was staying at her aunt’s house which is one of the wives of the Prophet, namely Maimunah binti Harith. This is Abdullah bin Abbas young age but the extensive knowledge available to him.

When the Messenger of Allah will be pray at night, Abdullah immediately ready to set up the water to perform ablutions the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Something like that he sees how Messengers ablution. He became prayer leader and Maimunah is in the back with Abdullah. As he stood at the back of the Messengers, he often pulled into line with him.

But shortly afterward, he again backward because they do not deserve to be aligned with the Prophet. In addition, he also often listens Majelis the Messenger of Allah. He always hears and memorizes every teaching given by the Prophet.

When the Messenger of Allah passed away, Abdullah was thirteen. He felt very lost figure is the source of that his science. However, he was not too long grief and quickly got up. Starting from where he is standing gain knowledge. He intends to continue to increase Ilm (knowledge) through the senior companions of the Prophet.

Indeed, he called his friends to another, although there is nothing to respond. Eventually he just studied alone to his friend Messengers to ask questions about Islam and Hadith. The sincerity of the Messenger of Allah’s friend since childhood in studying we can see from the various efforts. If he knew no one who studied hadith, then he went straight to see him to ask about it.

Not only memorized the hadith, but he also researching the sources of the hadith. Surely, he once asked to thirty companions of the prophet to ask a question. Such is the story of Abdullah bin Abbas small companion of the Prophet.