The stories of the jinn who has the nature of good and evil in Islam


Stories about the jinn in Islam is very much in the story of the many stories of wisdom to be used as a lesson. These stories There is the jinn who has evil nature and good because the jinn was one of the creations of Allah who has the desire.

The story of Jin Ifrit Destroyed By Ayatul Kursi

The first story we begin with the story of Jinn Ifrit destroyed by Ayatul Kursi. Verses Qursi have much to gain or virtues. One is able to overcome the supernatural beings. It is like that done by a rich businessman named Ka’b who killed Jin Ifrit with reading Verses Kursi.

This story is taken from the book of Imam Ghazali, Khawasul Qur’an: that ash Kutaibah narrated an incident that occurred in the land of Basrah. In one day, a businessman called Ka’b to travel to the land of Basrah. He brought his stuff for sale. After Ka’ab arrived in Basra, he was looking for the inn, but all the inns on that day there were no empty.

All have been booked by traders who first came before Ka’ab. due to the inn is fully charged, Ka’ab in his initiative to find a place to rest and then Ka’ab find an empty house on the walls, there are a lot of cobwebs. Ka’ab finally able to meet the owner. He intends to rent a house for around one week.

“This house is so weird, always the talk of the people here,” said the owner of the house.

“What’s going on in your house?” Ka’ab asked.

“Some people say, this house is inhabited by Jinn Ifrit.

Already many people are trying to occupy it, but eventually, they all running scared, “said the house owner.

Because the state was forced Ka’ab for not finding a place to stay, finally Ka’ab willing to occupy the empty house.

“Although others say that, I could stay here as long as the Mr. allows me,” pleaded Ka’ab.

“Well, I do not mind and I will not ask for payment at all,” replied the owner of the house.

Ka’ab living in an empty house that is haunted. On that night, no strange things that happened. The next day Ka’ab around to sell the merchandise, and when the sun is almost done, he returned home. That night Ka’ab undergone some weirdness. His eyes were very difficult to put to sleep.

Then, in a state of fear, suddenly he saw a shadowy figure who has two black eyes burning like embers approached. Then in thought Ka’ab to read the verse Kursi, Ka’ab rise from sleep and read the verses Kursi.

Ifrit burned to dust like the rest of firewood. In wonderment, and he kept reading until the last the verses Kursi to ensure black shadow was totally lost. The disappearance of Jin Ifrit was along with a smell like burning stuff.

The next morning, Ka’ab found in one corner of the house that there are a traces of ash as there is something that has been burned.

The story of the jinn who accepted Islam at the time of the Prophet Muhammad

The story of the jinn who accepted Islam on the time of the Prophet MuhammadThere is a mosque in one of the holy city of Makkah Al Mukarramah that has unique names commonly called by people mecca that it is a mosque Jin. The mosque is located in the direction toward the funeral Ma’la was named the mosque jin not because it was made by the race jinn.

Due to that place, there are some jin of faith at the time and said the shahada in front of the Messenger of Allah. The mosque Jin also used to know as the Al Baiah because the Jinn has made bath (treaty) to the Messenger of Allah for the faith and live the teachings the Messenger of Allah.

The mosque is also a proof to the revelation of Allah to the prophet that surah Al Jinn.


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