The names of Heaven and Hell, and staying in it

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The names of Heaven and Hell, and staying in it – Allah has created both places as human settlements at the end of the nutrient. For anyone who was in hell for her accident indeed. For anyone who is in heaven then peace for him.

The names of hell

1. Hell of Hawiyah
Built for over those light weights his charity, that those who live in the world for doing good mingled evil. Muslim men and women that their everyday deeds are not in accordance with the teachings of Islam, then Hawiyah as a place of residence. They are people who do not want to accept Islamic law, does not want to wear the veil (for women), wearing silk and gold (for men), seek sustenance in a way not halal, devour usury and others.

In the Qur’an contained in surah about the dangers of usury (Al-Qori’ah verses 8-11)

2. Jahim Hell
Jahim Hell is hell as a place of torture on the disbelievers or those who associate Allah Almighty, then deity they would come to torment them. People who in the world worship the cow by the cow was going to torture him. People who worshiped animal-shaped, hence the statue that will torment him. And this will continue. Shirk is referred to as the greatest sin according to Allah Almighty, because shirk means associating partners with Allah swt that only one or assumes no creature is more a great and powerful as powerful as The almighty of Allah.

Shirk may also mean assuming no other gods besides Allah Almighty. In the Qur’an contained in sura (As-Syu’ara, paragraph 91), (Ash-Syu’ara ‘) and (Surah As-Saffat) about how hazards of shirk.

3. Hell of Saqar

Saqar hell is a place for hypocrites, that those who deny (not obey) command Allah Almighty and the Messenger of (peace upon to be him). They know that Allah Almighty has set Islamic law through spoken Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam, but they ignore Shari’a (law) of Islam.

Then burned in a fire is a punishment for them. Hell’s name is listed in Al-Quran Surah (Al-Muddatsir paragraph 26 to 27.42)

4. Hell of Lazza

hell fire and slough off the scalp. (Surah 70, Al Ma’aarij] 15-18)

5. Hell of Huthamah

it is reserved for those who love collecting treasures, greedy and derogatory the poor. They turned away from religion, do not want charity and did not want anyway to pay zakat. They also put on a sour face when there are poor people who ask for help. Then Allah Almighty retaliated by torturing them by way of skinning and skin slough off their faces. And burned them at will which Allah Almighty wants.

Huthamah Hell provided for avidly collects treasures of gold, silver, they did not put their wealth zakat and denounce insulting the poor people. And in this place their property was taken and burnt to be drunk as a punishment to humans detractor collecting treasures. In the Qur’an found in the surah (Al-Humazah)

6. Hell of Sair

Saqar Hell filled by unbelievers. and people who eat up the property of orphans. Infidel comes from the word kufr meaning disbelieve or reject. So that means reject their pagan Allah Almighty or denied any the command Allah Almighty and His Messenger.

So humans disbelieve some of: People who are not Muslims or people who do not want shahadah. Muslims who do not want to pray. Muslims who do not want fasting. Muslims who do not want to give zakat. In the Qur’an there is on (An-Nisa ‘verse 10), (Al-Mulk verses 5,10,11)

7. Hell of Wail

Wail Hell is provided to the entrepreneurs and traders who fraudulent, reduce the scales, divide the merchandise to get more profit. Then they burned merchandise and put in their stomachs as the punishment for the sins of them. Hell’s name is listed in Al-Quran Surah (Al-Muthaffifin, paragraphs 1-3) Surah (Al-Tatfif) and (At-Tur)

8. Hell of Jahannam

Hell deepest and heavy torment. Qur’an sura (al-Hijr, 43-44). “That the unbelievers and the bad guys are will not be forgiven by God, nor indicated the way, but path to Hell of Jahannam. They were eternally in hell forever. That is easy for of Allah “(An-Nisa: 169)

The names of heaven

1.Heaven of Firdaus

Heaven Firdaus is a haven that is intended for people who are humble prayer, keep away from vain things, actively give charity, keeping his cock, maintaining trust, keeping promises, and maintain the prayer. the Qur’an found in the surah (Al-Kahf, verse 107) and surah (Al Mu’minuun, verses 9-11).


HEAVEN ‘ADN is a heaven for people who fear Allah (An-Nahl: 30-31), truly believe and work righteous (Ta Ha: 75-76), a lot of good (Fatir: 32-33), patient, menginfaqkan his property and returning good for evil (Ar-Ra’ad: 22-23)

3. HEAVEN of Na’im is a haven reserved for those who truly fear Allah and do good pious. the Qur’an found in the sura (Luqman, verse 8) and (Al Hajj, verse 56)

4. HEAVEN of MA’WA is a haven that is intended for those who fear Allah (An-Najm: 15), pious deeds (as-Sajda: 19), as well as the fear of the greatness of Allah and abstinence (An Naziat: 40-41)

5. HEAVEN DARUSSALAM: heaven reserved for people of faith and Islam, pay attention to the verses of of Allah and the righteous deeds. As word of of Allah Subhanahu wata’ala, “For them (provided) Darussalam (heaven) on the side of his Lord and He is their Protector caused pious deeds that they have done.” (Qur’an, 6: 127)

6. HEAVEN DARUL MUQAMAH is a heaven for people who be grateful to of Allah. Darul Muaqaamah word meaning a place to stay which included people never feel tired and do not feel listless. This place is intended for people who are grateful, as that mentioned in the letter (Fatir verse 35).

7. HEAVEN MAQAMUL AL-AMIN is a haven reserved for those who fear Allah. Indeed those who fear Allah are in a safe place (Ad Dukhan, paragraph 51)

8. HEAVEN Eternity is a haven reserved for those who obey the commands of Allah and away from prohibitions (those who fear Allah). Say: “What (the punishment) such that what is good, or the eternal heaven that has been promised to those who fear Him?” She became replies and come back for them? “(Al Furqaan, paragraph 15)

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