The kindness of charity, this person alms pilgrimage replaced by an angel.

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Giving alms is one deed that will bring benefits, such as the help of Allah when his trouble. Sadaqah not only in the form of money or other valuable property, with a smile then we have to practice this charity. The story of the pious that go on pilgrimage with this angel began when a man who lived in a village in Arab, named Abdullah bin Mubarak.

He had the intention of the pilgrimage next year. Which was why he used to save money from far-away days in preparation for the Hajj. When the pilgrimage season already in sight, she went to the animal market with the money he had brought 500 dinars to buy a camel.

But apparently, that money is still less to buy a camel. He returned to his home. Along the way, he saw a woman near a dumpster that was cleaning chicken feathers. This is the beginning of the story of the person that be dispatched the Hajj by the angels of God.

Abdullah was curious and approached the lady. But these women instead turned to Abdullah. He became more curious and wanted to know what was done by the woman. How shocked when seeing if the woman was cleaning a dead chicken.

There is no trace that no chunks of in chicken neck and appear a foul smell. Abdullah asked these women, for what it cleaning a dead chicken. The woman was going to eat it with their kids. Abdullah warned the woman that Allah has forbidden us to eat a dead chicken.

She replies that the carcass might have unclean to Abdullah but not for him. Abdullah also asked why you say so. At first, she does not want to answer and instead drive out Abdullah so as not to interfere.

But Abdullah also continues to pursue the explanation of the woman with the name of Allah. Eventually, the woman explained the problem that she and her children been not eaten for three days, except for a few drinks.

Her husband had died in the path of Allah and her husband did not leave inheritance which can be used for living. Meanwhile, the lady a shame if have to beg. He was looking for a meal there and here but also get it except the dead chicken.

How sad hearts Abdullah heard the lady story. Really not the right thing if he let the woman and her children were suffering.

He then looked down & tells himself that there is no Hajj is better than helping the woman’s family. Without thinking anymore, Abdullah instantly hands over all the money he was carrying it on her.

Though the money would be used to buy a camel as transport stock pilgrimage. Abdullah said that a dead chicken was now forbidden to you, and he asked her to quickly give their children eat. How glad these women, she received the gift he prayed for Abdullah may Allah have mercy on him.

After the pilgrimage season is finished, Abdullah joined the group welcomes the pilgrimage with the Hajj relatives. Those who have already the Hajj revealed that when they Hajj they met with the Abdullah.

But Abdullah instead was surprised because he did not join the pilgrimage. That night he dreamed of meeting the Prophet, he said that Abdullah had been volunteered his money to help another Muslim to be free from trouble. For this reason, Allah sent an angel to go on the pilgrimage like him every year because this person alms-pilgrimage replaced by an angel.