The fingers were able to replace the function of glasses

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Minus those who have eyes must have been very dependent on glasses or contact lenses in order to see normally. But the upset is when you put hard contact lense eye or when you miss glasses. Definitely so hard all day doing anything it wants?

If for example, you experience this irritating, do not quickly frustrated. Actually there is a simple way but was able to overcome trouble to read to you minus the owner’s eyes. Just use your fingers! Finger? Sure?

Your fingers turned out to be, you know, replace the function of glasses to see. Way too easy for me, you just make a slit on the index finger and thumb. After that you can see and read the writings clearly smaller than the sidelines of the hole.

This is because the fingers are forming the gap would block the incoming light so that only light coming from a small hole of the finger.

The principle itself is similar to the working principle Pinhole Camera, which with small eye holes will increase the depth of field by limiting the amount of light rays entering the eye. With this method, the light is able to suppress the retina directly so that the picture becomes clearer reception. Already know the benefits? But do so often leave glasses!

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