The Brief Story of 25 Prophets

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The Storry of 25 prophetsThe story of Islam 25 Prophets and Apostles is an interesting thing to learn. It contains about the struggle of Allah’s messenger to deliver His message. There are many lessons to be taken to strengthen the heart and as a warning to the believers. Allah Ta’ala recounts them in the wise Qur’an, such as the story of Noah, Joseph who was invited to commit adultery, Abraham that could not be burned, the wealth of Solomon and many more. They are all chosen and appointed by God of the male gender.

The short story about the 25 Prophets in Islam as an enlightenment for human kind to keep on top of the faith and to improve its quality. Because they know the salvation of the early believers and the victory achieved, it can increase the piety of those who desire it. So there is a positive influence for the introspection of self, soul, and morals.

1. Prophet Adam is the father of all humans. As the first man created by Allah after earth, heaven, & angels.

2. The Prophet Idris according to narration in Bukhari hadith is the grandfather of the father of Noah means Prophet Idris is the sixth generation of Adam, remembering Noah himself as the tenth seed of Adam.

3. Noah is the son of Lamik bin Matta Salih bin Idris. According to Al-Quran age of Noah is 950 years (Surat al-‘Ankabuut: 14). After the Prophet Idris died, the behavior of the people increasingly distorted. So did the people of Noah, who at that time worshiped the idols. The Qur’an mentions this in Surah Nuuh verse 23. “They say,” Do not leave your gods and do not leave Wadd, Suwa ‘, Yaghuts, Ya’uq, and Nasr. ” The oppression of the people of Noah made God angry so that Noah was revealed to make the ship. The ship contains many pairs of attached beasts as well as the faithful prophets of Noah.

4. Prophet Hud is the fourth prophet. He is a descendant of Sam bin Noah. He was sent by God to the people of ‘Ad which lies in Al Ahqaf. The Ad is a rich and powerful people. They have the ingenuity of building magnificent buildings.

They also have the expertise of cultivating land and agriculture. Yet they are arrogant ungrateful, evil and idolaters. Finally they get the punishment from Allah in the form of wind and the storm of sand is terrible.

5. Prophet Saleh Preaching to the Thamud. The Thamuds commit illicit deeds by worshiping idols. Therefore, Allah Almighty sent people from Thamud to teach righteousness and the right of path. He is the Prophet Saleh who has a good character. Allah commanded the Prophet Saleh to invite the Thamud to worship Allah alone.

6. Prophet Ibrahim is the son of Azar who is the descendant of Sam bin Noah. At that time King Namrud who reigned in the country Mausul issued a law that ordered that every son born in the land of Mausul was killed. This situation is the same as Moses but thanks to God’s grace s.w.t. The prophet Ibrahim was born safely.

Prophet Ibrahim Burned The defeat of King Namrud in arguing with Prophet Ibrahim As. Instead invite his greater wrath. Immediately he ordered his army to punish Abraham with the greatest punishment. Thus, Prophet Ibrahim was sentenced to death by being burned alive. The miracle that God gave to Abraham to survive death.

7. Prophet Luth carried out his da’wah according to the revealed revelation. He is always at all times and in every encounter with his people in groups or individuals invites them to believe and believe in God and worship Him. He invites his people to commit righteous deeds and to abandon immorality and unjust acts.

8. Prophet Ishmael was the son of Prophet Ibrahim Alaihissalam. Ishmael is the son of the second wife of Prophet Ibrahim, Siti Hajar. Ishmael was born from the womb of Hajar where previously the first wife of Prophet Ibrahim, Sarah allowed Abraham to marry Hajar for almost a hundred years he could not give Abraham a descendant.

The prophet whose mother was named Hajar, the first inventor of the zam-zam well. Allah sent him to Qobilah Yemen and Qobilah Amaliq (the plural word of Amlaqun is qobilah whose people are high upright / handsome). The Amaliq people reside in the Arabian peninsula from the direction of Sham. Then they spread in different directions after Prophet Ismail drove them out.

9. The marriage of the prophet Ibrahim with Siti Hajar had a son named Ishmael. The first wife of Siti Sarah also got the offspring of a prophet. The prophet of this first wife is Ishaq.

10. Prophet Ya’qub bin Ishaq bin Ibrahim. Allah sent him as the Prophet to the An’am.

11. Prophet Joseph was the seventh of the twelve sons of Prophet Yaqub. His mother was Rahiel. Joseph was born in Palestine. Her mother died when Joseph was twelve years old. Prophet Yusuf preached in the Egyptian territory.

Joseph is believed to be a royal official to handle a seven-year drought disaster he knows from the king’s dream interpretation. Joseph died in Nablus (Palestine).

12. Prophet Ayyub is a prophet known by historians as the son of Aish bin Ishaq bin Ibrahim the Prophet who modeled the role model in his patience with severe illness.

13. The Prophet Shu’aib ‘alaihissalam lived in the city of Madyan which is located in Jordan now. At that time, his people disbelieved in Allah and committed various disobedience, such as plowing and robbing merchants who crossed them. They also worship a thick tree called Aikah.

They trade fraudulently, cheat in buying and selling and reducing the dosage and scales. So Allah sent them a prophet from among them named Prophet Shu’aib ‘alaihissalam. He invited them to worship Allah and not to do shirk, forbade them to reduce the dosage and scales and prohibited piracy, and forbade any other misconduct.

As they belied the Prophet Syuaib, Allah destroyed them. So that their areas befall drought and starvation because of their act, as if they will never be able to live it and they can not live in it.

14. The Prophet Harun bin Imran bin Qoohit bin Laway bin Ya’qub. 15. As the Egyptians increasingly fanatical with their kufr. Their hostility and denial of the Messenger of Moses increasingly fueled the desire to kill and oppress the messengers of God and those who followed him.

They followed their cruel king, Pharaoh. It was then that God upheld His holiness to destroy them all. They have witnessed signs and events that are beyond reason. Events that come out of the natural process. And makes sense astonished. But they still do not want to stop, do not want to understand, and do not want to go back to God.

16. The Prophet Ilyas (AS) lived in the land of Isra’il, when the land was led by a cruel king. The name of the cruel king is Ahab. King Ahab told the Israelites to worship statues and gods.

17. The prophet Zulkifli was the son of the prophet Ayyub. Thus he is the grandson of Abraham. The prophet Zulkifli became a prophet and an apostle after his father. His first name is Bashard and he is a patient person. For his patience to include the chosen prophet in the sight of Allah. It has been described in the Qur’an 48: 48.

18. Prophet David is one of the prophets of Allah who practice salat and fasting is very favored by Allah, so that as of its greatness is the Prophet Muhammad told it to the Companions.

19. Prophet Sulaiman bin Daud bin Aisya bin Awid of the descendants of Yahuza bin Ya’qub (975-935 BC) was the son of king David, he was appointed a prophet and apostle in 970 BC. Prophet Sulayman ‘alaihisalam died in Rahbaam, Baitul Maqdis-Palestine. Since he was eleven years old, he has shown signs of intelligence, brain acumen, intelligence thinking and thoroughness in considering and making a decision.

20. Prophet Ilyas, his family continued with the Prophet Harun bin. Imran brother of Prophet Moses. Allah sent him to his people, the People of Israel.

21. Prophet Yunus an apostle who embraced the teachings of Samawi religion (Islam, Judaism and Christianity). He was assigned to preach to the Assyrians in Ninawa-Iraq. Nabu Yunus was the son of Matta of Benjamin son of Ya’qub bin Ishaq bin Ibrahim. The Ninevans are one of the most stubborn, pagan and criminalized people.

22. The Prophet Zakaria Is the 22nd Prophet of Allah and sent to the people of Israel to return to the path of deity and to abandon all forms of immorality and polytheism. In the age that has reached the number nine, the Prophet Zakaria just blessed with a child who later named Yahya Wife of Prophet Zakaria named Hana, the mother of his sister Maryam who later gave birth to Prophet Isa It has been tens of years since marriage with Hana, the Prophet Zakaria wanted to have offspring.

In the day and night Zakaria incessantly offer prayers and requests to Allah to be blessed by a son who will be able to continue his duty to lead the people of Israel in order to return to the right of path .

23. Prophet Yahya bin Zacharias, born before Christ (Prophet Isa As).

24. Prophet Isa is one of the 5 Prophet Ulul Azmi and has one of the miracles of the Prophet Isa that is born without a father. In the Qur’an, he is called Isa bin Maryam or Isa al-Masih. He was appointed a prophet in 29 AD and assigned preaching to the Children of Israel in Palestine. His name is mentioned 25 times in the Qur’an. The story of Prophet Isa then continues with his appointment as the messenger of God, rejection by the Bani Israel and ends with his appointment to heaven.

25. Prophet Muhammad SAW is the conclusion of the Prophets and Messengers including the leaders of the past and coming. Sent to humankind as a whole and give grace to the universe.