The activities of the Big day of Eid al-Adha we need to know

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The Muslim Day of Sacrifice is known as Eid al-Adha. The moment where we sacrifice to get closer to Allah SWT. This story is About of the obedient Prophet Isma’il to his parents and loved Allah SWT so Ismail asked his father to do what Allah revealed to him.

Eid al-Adha on every 10th of Dhu al-Hijjah is also known as the “Hajj Day”, where the Muslims are on the main hajj pilgrimage at Arafat. They all wear white and non-seam clothes, which are called ihram (Ahram) clothes, symbolize the equations of aqeedah and life-view, have a value order that is the value of equations in all aspects of life.

What is meant in this Ismail story is following the command of Allah by imitating the properties of the Prophet Ismail is able to exercise restraint, patience, obedience to the parents and obedience to Allah, and avoid the nature of animals that have no rules, can not resist, not Respect for others and can not be patient, greedy.

Hopefully after us through Eid ul Adha then afterwards can imitate the behavior of the prophet Ismail as a form of loving Allah SWT. That’s a bit of history about Eid al-Adha. As a Muslim welcome the coming of the big day Eid al-Adha can be said to be obligatory that it is a form of worship of Muslims.

In the evening of Eid al-Adha is recommended to multiply the deeds of worship such as dhikr, prayer, bertakbir and reciting the Qur’an.

Muslim big day there are two that is Eid Al Fitr and Eid al Adha. These two big days have each characteristic. This is resource of Eid Fitri and regarding Eid ul Adha activities please summarize briefly below.

Some to be prepared to welcome the big day of Eid al-Adha.

1. Make your family’s favorite food

Prepare special food and drink preferably either by buying or cooking it yourself. Partial food and beverages are offered for guests who come to visit and are partly eaten for your family. It will be even more so if the food and drink are delicious and prepared in large quantities that are distributed to the neighbors and brothers to establish a good relationship.

2. Bathing and wearing the best clothes.

Wake up early in the morning before dawn to take a bath and dress well to go to the mosque to perform the morning prayers in congregation. After returning home from dawn prayer, time can be used to clean around and neatly guest room before leaving prayer in the field.

Clothes that are used do not have to be new clothes, what matters is decency, clean and tidy.

3. Carry out Eid prayers in the field and listen to the sermon.

Before seven o’clock in the morning try to reach the place of prayer Eid prayer. The practice of Eid prayer is better accelerated than Eid Fitr that the event will be carried out slaughter of livestock.

Used to walk to the field. But even if driving is not prohibited. Walking only the virtue, not showing mandatory. Ibn Umar r.a. Said, “Messenger of Allah. If going Eid prayer by foot and return also by foot. “(Hadith Ibn Majah). Take the other way home. However, if not possible, taking the same path is not prohibited and will not reduce the value of worship Eid prayer.

4. Slaughtering livestock

Just to expand learning of slaughtering in Islamic Shari’ah is a step to eliminate animal spirit by cutting the throat and throat neck and two veins with a sharp tool, except teeth and bones or other ways justified by Islamic Shari’a. Animals that are not slaughtered are forbidden that the animal’s status is the same as a carcass.

5. Gathered with relatives

The great thing on the big day is to gather with relatives of both distant and close relatives. That is why, no wonder the moment before the big day used many people to go home to their hometown only to be able to gather to celebrate Eid with beloved family.

Use this opportunity to tighten the bonds. Forgive each others with warm hugs so that the next big day we will be waiting for.



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