Special the deeds on a Friday

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Almost all Muslims know that Friday is glorified. But do they all know about the practices of the special on Friday? The deeds that can be done by someone on the other days there are many, but apparently, there are some specific practices to be very special if someone did it in the most exalted by Islam itself, which is Friday.

Do you know about the special deeds on Friday?

Among the days of the week, there is a day of practice in it is considered as the most glorious, which is Friday. The practice on Friday is usually assessed as something very good and had his own good in He sight. The Almighty Allah served as the One creator and driving force of all living beings in this world.

Each of the deeds we do on Friday generally assessed as something very blessed and will be used by our own on the Day of Judgment as a favor savings over the world we live in is only temporary.

1. Read Surah Al-Kahf

There is a hadith which says that the Prophet Muhammad encourages (peace be upon him) Muslims to read the surah al-Kahf on Friday. When his people to do that, then people will then be illuminated by the light between themselves and with the house of Allah (Mecca).

The Prophet also said that the practices of the special on Friday mainly reciting surat Al-Kahf up to 10 verses, at last, it will not be controlled by the dajjal. Not yet the reward will be recorded in a book that can not fade in heaven.

2. Increase the utter to Praising the Prophet

One hadith tells of Prophet Muhammad about how someone recommended multiplying the reading to praising on the Prophet. this is because the people of Prophet Muhammad praise will be shown to him on Friday, and anyone who reads the most praise would be the closest to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) on the Day of Judgment later.

3. Not fasting on Friday and do not specialize with certain prayers

The part that is not practiced on Friday is fast without excuse in the day. Prophet once said that we should not make the Friday be a day very special to us fasting. We must only fast on Friday if it happened to be the obligatory fasting in Ramadan.

4. Read the Surah al-Insan and As-Sajdah when the dawn prayer

The Prophet Muhammad told through a hadith narrated by Abu Hurairah that he generally reads a letter As-Sajdah in the first cycles and reciting surat Al-Insan in cycles a second.

5. Enhance daily prayer

There is a hadith narrated by Abu Hurairah who said that the Prophet spoke on Friday, where there is a time when people pray at that time it is granted. There are four different opinions on this time, but it is better we have to read Dua each time we have a chance.

Some of the lists above, we are now able to determine which ones will we do or we will be happy to do all the practices of the special on Friday.