Some natural medicinal plants cyst


Many women ask whether a natural remedy cyst? Indeed, this disease usually appears late that without proper drug administration and fast, it is also very disturbing for couples getting married. Nowadays everyone will be assessed open if it has been undergoing medical tests, it aims to provide an overview of how the state of health and the prospective spouses, the goal gives mutual acceptance of the advantages and disadvantages of each. Where one of the test also provides an overview of the offspring, usually affected cyst is a woman that will make it difficult to have children and also during childbirth.
Here are some natural medicinal plants cyst :

Fruit Crown godsfruit-crown-gods

Lately, Indonesia is now in the middle of the busy discussed gods crown medicinal plants, plants that can grow in tropical climates is indeed very useful to cure various diseases. In addition, this plant could give hope to patients with cystic disease to heal without having to perform an operation that would normally be started from the removal of the uterus in women, for those of you who want to have children would be disappointed. Better try Phaleria containing active substances such as polyphenols, saponins and also alkaloid that serves as the immune and anti-bacterial.

Parasite plantsparasite-plants

This plant is not just any weeds that crawl on each plant, the parasite that
can be used for the treatment of cysts only plants that propagate the tea tree. Where this type of parasite has flavonoid substances, flavanones, c-Gly flavonols, chalcnes and flavan3-ols. All of the content is useful as immune and anti-cancer. In addition, also provide anti-allergic and also prevents blood clots.


You already very familiar with the orange colored turmeric, saffron usually this kind serve as a flavor enhancer. Another white turmeric, which is a medicinal plant that is rich in anti-oxidants so as to cure and prevent disease cyst back. Contains anti-inflammatory stronger against diseases that often afflict women, so this plant is very suitable to be used as a natural remedy cyst that you can exploit
as a traditional herbal medicine.


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