Sleep is one of the miracles of Allah

Sleep is one of the miracles of Allah

Sleep is one of the miracles of AllahWe can recognize a lot of the power Allah in this world, but we know that is sleep, one sign of the greatness of Allah is upon us, too? Sleep is something that we usually feel if we had worked up to the point where we felt too tired and a signal of the body that the body needs rest.

But apparently, it is also a marker that Allah has greatness and extremely miracle. This time, we will try to discuss and find out why we can become drowsy so that you knew that it is the greatness of Allah .

Sleep is a miracle, it was the one that had been said by the scientists who studied the activity of sleep itself. When our body is tired, your body will generate a signal that makes us so sleepy, and when we got a break in sleep then it will usually be fresh again.

It is not yet known how human beings can function like that then the scientists assessed the incidence of sleepiness and sleep is a thing that can not be explained through science. If you thought that if the mystery of sleep has not been solved by science anywhere in the world and regardless of any type of equipment they use.

While scientists are trying hard and spend energy they have to solve the secret that surrounds the human natural incident when they are weary of this, turned out to Allah as creator of the universe and everything in it has written through the Qur’an that the real reaction of sleep experienced by every living species in the world is proof of His power is boundless.

Sleep as a sign of the greatness of Allah the Almighty is recorded in the Qur’an be exact to the letter of Ar-Rum verse 23. In the above verses explained that one sign of the power that belongs to Allah for us is how we sleep at night, and we be able through our activities during the day in order to fulfill mercy and grace to be given by Allah to those who are trying to get it.

Made clear in the Al-Quran verses in that right there is a sign as it was for its clans who want to hear the truth that emerges through the Qur’an and the hadith of the Prophet’s through that God has sent to of the earth.

The big question is why we can sleepy when at night time?

Wonders of sleep and sleepiness is certainly things that have been decreed by Allah the Almighty, but of course, the researchers do not want to feel like a failure and kept try to find out what happened to the sleepiness. According to the researchers, the rise of sleepiness because it is a sign of scientific emitted by the brain when he was getting tired and asked for permission from the entire body to rest.

Once this has happened, it helps us keep the brain and the rest because we will no longer be able to work effectively. Things that cause sleepiness appear is the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN), which secrete the hormone melatonin in the body.

Activated when this hormone that has appeared, then the body will soon be asking for a break. There are some cases where someone is already growing SCN hormones.

Of this article, it is expected the more we get to know that did in fact sleeping, one sign of the power Allah the Almighty.