Secrets of natural medicine liver disease, identify the causes and symptoms !!


Natural medicine liver disease that we will discuss this time is a powerful natural remedy for patients with liver disease. Liver disease is very dangerous and one of the factors causing high mortality rates than cancer. Before we discuss a natural remedy for the liver it helps us to know more deeply what the causes are and what their characteristics.

Liver disease or liver disease is known as well as hepatitis A, hepatitis B or disease, hepatitis non-A and non-B hepatitis disease that is due to all of the virus. Too often eating / drinking medicine regularly and without the advice of a physician. It can trigger liver diseases such as drug paracetamol, antibiotics and other medications that are sold freely on the market. Following article to find the cause of the other.

Pain Causes Liver

– Heredity factor, this factor is very high as a cause of liver disease or hepatitis B. Therefore if you are not married try to prospective husband / wife you are not living with the disease. Even if already in contact with diseased liver, mothers who are pregnant should routinely check to the obstetrician. You should be honest with your doctor about your liver diseases because later the doctor will prescribe specific medications so that the fetus or baby is born healthy.

– Unhealthy lifestyle, too much work while a nutritional balance is not maintained.

– Workers nights or people who often stay up or sleep until late at night.

– There is a viral or bacterial infection

– Alcoholism

– Drugs that contain side effects liver dysfunction. If you read the statement that said drug side effects liver function, then as much as possible you do not get too routine use of the drug.

– Congenital abnormalities

– Abnormalities in the metabolism of body

– There is trauma or injury to the liver

– Malnutrition

-There Noticed the cleanliness of cutlery and drinking.

The characteristics of Liver Diseases

– Become more distended stomach. This is because since there is swelling in the lower right side of the rib cage.

– Substitution of color on your skin and eyes that have a yellowish tint (jaundice)

– The color of your urine is dark yellow

– Substitution in the form of nails which become more curved and natural whiteness.

– Experienced a decrease in body weight due to a lack of appetite.

– Frequent nosebleeds in the nose

– Easy bruising on the body

– Frequently pee / urination

– Easy to feel thirsty

– The smell of body odor and your mouth is very disturbing.

– Lack of blood or anemia

Well, if you already understand all of the time we discuss a natural remedy for liver diseases from natural materials are:

Natural Medicine Liver Disease

– Turmeric (Curcuma domestica)

– Gotu kola (Centella asiatica)

– Curcuma (Curcuma xathoriza)

– Bitter (Andrographis paniculata)


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