Scientists began to trust humans comes from a clay

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Related to the creation of mankind – scientists began to trust humans comes from a clay, the Qur’an has many described the origins and the beginning appearance of human beings. In some verses of the Qur’an is mentioned that forms the basis of the first man is out of clay. In another verse mentions that humans “We created from water”.

In another verse is mentioned that the beginning of human creation comes from “a nutfah” (liquids) and another verse mentioned that “land” and “liquids” is something that is at the heart of the creation of mankind. In all the verses that explain how the process of creation of mankind above, it can be concluded that it is clear that beginning creation of mankind is first of all derived from the land, and then mixed with water, and then into clay, and then shaped “a clay-smelling”.

Then after that have conditions clingy and limping. Once it into dry land and shaped shalshal kalfakhor (ground of pottery), which eventually is bubbled her spirit. Recently latest scientific research proves that all life on earth originated out of clay.

It was also described in the sacred books such as the Quran, the Bible, and even Greek mythology. Scientists discover the latest theory explains that clay is at its most basic of mineral combinations. Located on the ground acting as a laboratory farm for small molecules and chemicals that absorb like a sponge.

In the journal scientific reports written by the scientists say that this process takes up to billions of years, as long as these chemicals react with each other to form proteins, DNA, and eventually form living cells. The biological engineers from Cornell University in New York eventually believe that a clay is the birthplace of life on Earth, including the beginning of the creation of man.

Actually, this theory has existed since thousands of years ago in many cultures, though it may not use annotations / scientific theory the same by experts today. “At the beginning of the geological history of the hydrogel a clay providing confinement function for biomolecules and biochemical reactions,” said Prof. Dan Luo of Cornell University, as quoted by the Mail Online.

“For billions of years, the chemicals isolated in spaces that can perform complex reactions that form proteins, DNA, and eventually all the machines that make the work of living cells,” he added. However, the scientists from biology, there are two assumptions about the creation of living beings either herbs or who have souls: First, the theory of evolution and transformism. Second, the theory of fixism.

The theory of evolution explains that all living species on earth has no immediate creation, rather it is a living creature that evolved gradually and transformed from one type to the other types. These are perfect circle evolution in human beings today. This theory is what is called a theory transformism.

The theory fixism believes these kinds of living creatures each one separately since the beginning has been shaped there is like this now and do not change from one type to another. Although the Quran mentions the creation of a global human and universal, and not directly explain these theories,but the verses are more suited to the creation of direct, although not expressed in straightforward.