The Sahabi tree, tree shelter Aged 1400 years of Prophet Muhammad


Prophet Muhammad lived thousands of years ago. But there are traces of the relics of the Prophet which still exist today. A tree. Ancient trees of course, still thrives. Actually, the tree was like what the heck? Then what about history?

Sahabi Tree

It is in the northern part of the desert of Jordan. Within a radius of hundreds of kilometers, there is no other tree of life, accompanied the Sahabi. Prophet tree is evidence of prophethood of the Prophet Muhammad. And it seems the Prophet tree is deliberately kept alive by Allah in order to serve as a reminder, memories, and evidence of past history. This tree is a tree full of blessings, magic trees, oaks and strange trees.

The tree is believed to be the witness of Christian monk named Bahira meeting with the Prophet Muhammad. This tree is still alive ‘alone’ in a radius of hundreds of kilometers, there is no other tree, accompanied the Sahabi.

Time ago when the Prophet traveled to Syam together Maisarah (maid Sayyidatuna Khadijah Ra) to trade, the Prophet never take shelter under this tree before getting there. At the time of the Prophet shelter underneath, the branches and twigs of this tree move shade him from the heat of the sun.

The monk (priest) who saw this incident, then went Maisarah and showed him a tree shelter the Prophet saying: “Only a prophet who shelter under the tree.”

Look to this day the tree remain fertile even in the middle of the desert are dried up and there are no plants that live like that. Allah turns it to his will. This is the tree that understands the love for Prophet Muhammad, a blessed tree. Until now this tree is still alive in Jordan. Hence he was dubbed “the only living Sahabi” or “the only ‘friend’ of the Prophet who is still alive”.

Bahira tells the story of his encounter with the little boy who became the Apostle Newsletter. At that time the Prophet Muhammad 9-12 years old. He accompanies his uncle Abu Talib on the way for trade to Syria. Bahira was met with the caravan group and invite them to rest. Bahira had a premonition that he would meet with the Last Prophet. Attention to each person who comes. But none of them have signs of a miracle.sahabi-tree

It turns out there is still one member of the group who did not go into place Bahira. Small Muhammad asked to wait under the trees to keep the camels. He was amazed at the tree branches bent to protect the boy. Bahira also requested that the little boy is invited to take shelter and dining. That said, a cloud umbrella Muhammad wherever he goes.

That is where the monk convinced that the young man was indeed a prophet who foretold his arrival. Bahira then advised Abu Talib to keep the young lads, because someday it will bring blessings to mankind. But not a few people who want to harm her.

Some scientists and scholars were asked to check the area. Based on their observations, it is true that the old tree mentioned in note Bahira. But of course, more research is still needed to ensure its authenticity.

Prince Ghazi said, “Messenger of sitting under this tree.” In fact, if it was willing to bend the tree branches for the sake of Muhammad are evidence of the apostolic testimony against Muhammad. “That’s why we call it Sahabi in Arabic.”

Currently, the tree is preserved by the government. Protected fence around him and his whereabouts are monitored regularly. However, anyone can touch and take shelter under the branches that always lush. Protected fence around him and his whereabouts are monitored regularly.



  1. “Prophet Muhammad lived thousands of years ago. ”

    He -peace and blessings be upon him- lived only 1400 years ago.


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