How to provide teachings and edify of children

childern of islam
childern of islam

Children are a trust, grace, and a trial from the Almighty Allah. The child is essentially similar to the white paper, as saying of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH, “Every child born in a state of nature, both his parents who make it Christian, Jewish or Majusi.” (Bukhari).

childern of islam
children of Islam

If they are taught kindness, then it will get happiness in the world and the hereafter. If they are familiarized something bad will grow up to be bad anyway. The Almighty Allah tells us to care for yourself and your family from the torment of hell fire.

A father might try to protect their children here, but it is much more important to protect their children from the flames of hell. The way is to teach them discipline, educate and teach about good morals and protect it from friends who behave badly.

Finding a suitable spouse

A wife is a mother to the children. They will grow in the frame of the character and mannerism. Generally, the wife has a great influence on their husbands.  There is a saying that a man who successfully definitely behind them there is a great woman who accompanied him.

Provide names and nicknames good the child

It is the duty of parents to give a good name with the name so that it will give strength to him because the name is a prayer for the child. Parents should give the child a nickname with good words and meaning / positive value.

Pray to Allah so be blessed child righteous

Deservedly we as Muslims to continue to pray that the child is blessed righteous. The pious child was a gift from Allah for their parents. As someone who will give birth to a child a righteous then as parents have to improve themselves in terms of religion, so to be blessed the pious child.

Keep them away from the character despicable

 Parents should instill good morals so that children hate properties such despicable liars, envy, jealousy, and so forth. So that they grow up with hate towards these properties and away from it.

Embed Aqeedah of Qur’an and faith in the soul of the child

This is an obligation for parents to seriously pay attention. For example, by teaching reading Al-Quran. shahada and the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH to children from childhood to be able to memorize it.

Avoid self-contradictory attitude

The meaning is for parents who give a command or advice to children, but they do not do what they say. This causes children to become dissidents and no longer want to follow the advice of their parents.

Pay attention to stages of the child’s age

Each stage in the life of children has its own behavior that parents should pay attention to and fulfilled by them. The parents should not treat children like children when they have entered the mature stage and conversely.

Giving children the opportunity to improve their own mistakes

This is very important so that children can develop towards maturity and the mistake as the path to success.

That’s some simple article to educate children Islamically. Actually, there are many that must be considered in the care of children Islamically but I think the mothers must be proficient than this author. May be a motivation for parents to take care of the child and continue seeking knowledge about the education of children.