Procedures for bathing the dead body in islam

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The must for every Moslem man to learn how to bathe the dead body to his brothers and sisters. Bathing the corpse is fard kifayah (required), when there are other people who have done it, fell off for other obligations.

The bodies were unclean washed

  1. Those who die Shaheed: the people who died on the battlefield to enforce or defend the religion of Allah and is forbidden bathed bodies.
  2. Killed himself. Muslim scholars argue, people are leaving because of suicide, do not pray for him but simply buried his body alone.
  1. There his body though partially.

People who bathe the bodies

As for those who have the right to wash the bodies according to Islamic religious law is as follows:

  1. If the body was male, the male must bathe him anyway. Women are not allowed to bathe the bodies of men, except for his wife and family (mahram).
  2. If the body was female, he should also be bathed by women, men are not allowed to bathe the corpse unless the husband or his family (mahram).
  3. If the body was a wife, while her husband and her family or her mahram there all, the more entitled to bathe her husband.
  4. If the body was a husband, while his wife and his family or mahram there all, she is entitled to bathe her husband.
  5. If the body is a tad young, women may bathe. Likewise, if the body was still little girls, men may bathe.

Procedures for bathing the dead according to Shari’a

  1. Being in an enclosed place so that see only people who bathe and take care of it.
  2. The bodies should be put in place higher bodies such as a couch.
  3. The bodies dressed in a wet cloth like a glove so that private parts are not open.
  4. The bodies seated or propped up on something, then washed his stomach as he pressed slowly so all the feces out, then cleaned up with his left hand,
  5. recommended wearing gloves. In this case allowed to wear perfume that smells of dirt is not a disturbed corpse.
  6. After that, let replace gloves to clean the mouth and teeth of the corpse.
  7. Clean all the dirt and filthy.
  8. The ablution gives the bodies, then washed the whole body.
  9. It is Sunnah bodies washed three to five times.
  10. Water for bathing the corpse should be cold. Unless there is a very cold air or dirt that is hard to remove, should use warm water
  11. Sprinkle in recent times using water of mothballs and tilt to the right and to the left so that water out of his mouth and the other hole.
  12. After completion washed and clean, dry body with a towel. Then the fabric covering bodies that have been wet, replaced with a dry cloth cover.
  13. The process of bathing the corpse has been completed. After that, the body is ready for the shrouded.


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