Primacy of Science and kindness to those who have knowledge

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Science is one that is often sought a lot of people, and of course, there is the primacy of science and the primacy of people knowledgeable in the sight of Allah Almighty. A couple of times Allah wrote all sorts of science into the Qur’an, even the first verse down inform his people to read.

Reading is the major gateway for someone to be able to get the science, and at this precious time, we will discuss the opinion or argument related to the scientific world, as well as those that are processing it.

Verses in the Qur’an that discuss the primacy of science and the primacy of people of knowledge.

By Allah has many times spoken about the noble science, a science that derived directly from the heavens to the earth. The science revealed directly by Allah to the prophets he sent for generations and become a book such as the Torah, the book of Zabur, and Gospels.

Latter sent down by Allah Almighty is also rated as the most perfect and only revealed to the Prophet Muhammad, which is called the Qur’an. At the time of the Prophet Muhammad, lessons in science that can be followed that of the sunnah or activities, and the words of the Prophet Muhammad himself.

Verses on science in the Quran lies in Surah an-Nisa, precisely in paragraph 113th. The verse has a meaning that quite clear, that is where God as creator and in control of all things animate and inanimate in the universe degrade her book that there is a lot of wisdom.

By Allah also through the book of the Qur’an has taught a lot of things unknown human being in the beginning. The verse concludes with a sentence that Allah had so much to give the gift of His creation.

For Those Who Teach glory Sciences or To Those knowledgeable

Explanation of goodness in the science and the primacy of people knowledgeable in the Qur’an there is the surah Ash-Shaf third verse, although it is also not directly. The verse means that Allah extreme hated those who did not practice the knowledge they have.

Though having the knowledge and could be shared with others is something very, very noble in front of Allah, but unfortunately some people take it very insignificant so as to let the science be quiet and never moved, not even practiced at all.

Of the verse is also note that the noble people of knowledge in Allah’s sight are those who apply their knowledge, not just teach it to others but themselves do not practice it. Every person who does not use his knowledge will fall into the class of people who are deplorable and will not get any virtue of Allah on the Day of Judgment later.

Through other verses that Al-Baqarah verse 102, it is known that Allah assumes those who can not practice the knowledge they have the same level of the stupid, who did not have a shred of a goodness of science. The meaning of the verse is who swap the Qur’an is a book full of the knowledge of Allah by magic, will not receive any benefit in the hereafter.

More important now, we should study that much and compete to put it into practice in the way of Allah, which is to our benefit as well.Especially after we know the primacy of science and the good people that having knowledge.