Perpetual Charity – 7 reward is still being felt after the death

Perpetual Charity- 7 reward is still being felt after the death

Perpetual charity in Islam – A hadith explains the practice of not broken after death, if it is a dead son of Adam, then stopped all the charity except three things, namely perpetual alms, science is be carried out and useful, as well as a pious child who pray.

But apparently, there are 7 other rewards that can flow in people even though he has passed away. After a man dies he is no longer able to do good or gather supplies for the afterlife. However, their 7 this reward, we can still get the reward though already dead, rewards include:

1. Building a mosque

One of the obligations as a Muslim is performed the solah. Islam makes it easy for us who can not pray in the mosque, it might also pray at home or elsewhere. However, prayer in mosques has the greater because they can pray together.

Additionally, we will be more respect in prayer because of all people in the mosque to pray or worship so that no one interferes with each other. He who carry it out or just contribute to the building of the mosque, then he will continue to get the reward.

If there are people who pray in the mosque, then reward those that worship it will flow in the get well by those who built the mosque.

2. Raising a child who is pious

If during his lifetime educating children of parents with the children good to be pious or devout Muslim, then they will be the savior of his parents to avoid hell extremely of heat. This is because the pious children’s prayer is a prayer acceptable to God so that it will arrive at their parents.

3. Planting plants that benefit ordinary people

Every living being needed food, including humans and animals. If someone grows plants that can be eaten by humans or animals in the area, then we will get the reward that continues to flow even though we had passed away.

4. Making the flow of river water be used by a lot of people

Water is one requirement that must be fulfilled for living beings. However, not all places have good water quality, even at a certain place is very difficult to find water. Although, the teachings of Islam provide facilities to perform ablution tayammum as a replacement but it would be better if the ablution performed with water.

Therefore, if someone bring water, it will provide many benefits for people to drink, wash, bath and ablution. The benefits that this will bring rewards for them even already dead.

5. Teaching science to others

Narrated in the hadith about 3 the charity unbroken that science can provide us rewards. However, we should be using that knowledge to be useful to others. Additionally applying that knowledge, we are also be shared knowledge such kindness.

6. Write and hand out the book

Mushaf an article that can be useful for people who read. If we had the science or something we think is right, then write it. After we are pass away, we ever wrote the work that will remain eternally, even they can be read by future generations. If we write the kindness then we are also spreading goodness.

7. Digging the wells for others to use

Similarly, the flow of the river. If we build wells or the cistern in one area so as to facilitate their lives, then we would get the reward of it though already pass away.

Thus 7 rewards are still enjoyed by the people who passed away so that the deeds must be absolutely we consider and do in order to be a lifesaver in the Hereafter.