Overcoming difficulties to telling the child about Allah

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The first revelation received by Prophet Muhammad SAW is the command to read, which is directly linked with the intention to mention the name of Allah Who Created it. Iqra ‘bismirabbikal ladzi khalaq (read in the name of your Lord). Therefore, telling the child about Allah to reading activities, at the same time should be coupled with the recognition of the blessings of Allah SWT.

Telling the child about Allah SWT through reading

Initial steps that need to be taken is to multiply the vocabulary in children who are related to things that can be directly seen or felt. How to enter information or vocabulary to the child, can be reached through:

First; parents/educators try to always talk to either the method of preaching, questioning or discussion about things that are around the child. This is inseparable from the goal of Islamic education, which introduces the child to the greatness and unity of Allah. The purpose of bringing the music/songs that are Islamic to the baby to stimulate the development of neural moto-rik brain children.

This has been proven by child psychologists. And this way can be applied to children aged under five. They will respond quickly to the heard songs, which can be seen from the child’s behavior while listening to the song he or she hears. Opportunities such as we should benefit best to include divine values to children.

Adjust how to telling the child about Allah with the development stages

How to tell the child about Allah is certainly adapted to the stage of development based on the age of the child. We as parents can introduce Allah since the child in the womb, how to recite the verses of the Qur’an near the mother’s abdomen during pregnancy.

In addition, the father introduced Allah through the admonished azan in the ear of the newborn and during the parenting and breastfeeding process, the mother was able to introduce Allah SWT by introducing the verses of the Qur’an. If the child is over two years old, then we can introduce Allah with the things or creatures he created. As well as introducing Allah SWT through the daily prayer we will teach them.

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Encourage your child to always feel Allah’s sight

So that the child always feels to be controlled by Allah, then we can start by teaching and engage the children to pray at every opportunity. In this way, it will be embedded in the child, that only Allah is where we pray for help. In addition, convince the child that he is always together and guarded by Allah.

Parents become role models

In fact, there is no way of teaching the most appropriate, except exemplary, because the children are a bit of an example of what their parents do. So, if his parents have a good closeness with Allah, this can be perceived and exemplified by his children.

Teach an understanding of God to children

Although God can not be seen, we need to teach the child that Allah is always with us. We can convince them by showing their creations. Make a natural tourism facility to introduce it to the child. So we need to cultivate that everything that happens to us is Allah’s will. Suppose that when they fall or even when they are feeling something fun. So if there is an incident that befell the child, then we can tell them, that this is a test from Allah so we learn to be patient.

Encourage the child to be thankful by worshiping

If we have told the child about Allah with all the pleasures we have, then we need to teach them to be grateful. One way to be grateful is to teach and engage them to worship. The children will be closer to Allah and we can also introduce nature of Allah deeper to them.

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