Once you’re at the mosque, Things that are forbidden to do

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centralmosque.org.ukThings that are forbidden in the mosque The mosque is a very important and valuable for Muslims all over the world. There was no place most convenient and pleasant to worship Almighty Allah as mosques were the only place most fitting to devote themselves to God. Additionally, we also can rest in it, given the atmosphere is so reassuring.

But there are still many people who do not know what good manners while in the mosque. Thus, comfort and reassurance that we can not feel complete. Before we entered the mosque should know manners or good morals as taught by Islamic scholars.

  1. Not allowed to run in front of people prayingProphet ﷺ said, “If people are passing in front of a praying person to know (sin) has done, surely he chose to stop over 40 (years old), it is better for him than passing in front of people who were praying,” (HR. Bukhari No. 510 and Muslim no1132).Please note well when we walked in the mosque, not to pass in front of people who were praying. Passers-by in front of a praying person should fear sin enormous. Forbidden is passing in front of people who pray alone or in front of imam.
  2. Annoying People Worshipping Prohibition on mosqueSomeone who is conducting worship in the mosque need peace so forbidden to interfere with their absorption, both with words and deeds. Among the mistakes that often occur, reciting verses from the Qur’an in a loud voice in the mosque that disturb the prayer and others.Prophet ﷺ said, “You know, you all are worshiping to Allah, so do not interfere with each other. Do not your turn up the volume in reciting the Quran. Or, he said, ‘In prayer,’ “(HR. Abu Daud Ahmad No. 1332 and No. 430 and graded authentic by Imam Ibn Hajar Al-Asqalani in the book Nata-Ijul Afkar vol 2 page 16).
  3. Buy Sell prohibition on mosques.From Abu Huraira Allaah ‘anhu Prophet ﷺ, said that the Prophet ﷺ said, “When you see people buying and selling in the mosque, then say to him,’ May Allah not give you an advantage in buying and sell!”(HR. Tirmidhi No. 1321, Judge vol 2 page 56, and he said: Saheeh according to the conditions endorsed by Imam Muslim and Imam Adh-Zahabi and assess Sheikh Al-Albani in Saheeh Al-Irwa 1295).If the buying and selling is done in the mosque, then surely the function of the mosque will be turned into a market and buying and selling. So that honor fell to the mosque because of it.
  4. Screaming and Make A bit shabby prohibition on mosqueThe Prophet ﷺ said, “Know that each of you are worshiping (to whisper to Allah) with his Lord. Therefore, do not most of you hurt others and do not harden over another reading, “(HR. Ahmad, Abu Dawud and Al-Hakim and graded saheeh by Shaykh al-Albani in Shahihal-Jami ‘). Therefore, the mosque was built not for this. Similarly disturbing with the loud conversation.If the braze reading Al-Quran just prohibited if it is affecting other people are doing worship, then how would if it interferes with the noises that are not useful? Really among the sad phenomenon, some people, especially young people do not feel wrong make noise in the mosque when prayers are taking place.
  5. Prohibition passing in the mosque carrying a sharp weaponProphet ﷺ said, “If any one of you passes in mosques or our market by bringing the javelin, then let him hold the eyes javelin with his hand, so he does not hurt the Muslims,” (HR. Al-Bukhari and Muslim from Abu Musa Allaah ‘anhu and graded saheeh by Shaykh al-Albani in saheeh al-jami wa dho’if ashshoghir 798). Therefore, it can disrupt a Muslim can even hurt a Muslim. Unless he holds the sword with his hands or cover it with something.
  6. Prohibition spitting in the mosqueThe mosque is a very precious with Allah swt and sacred places of worship for Muslims. Therefore, it is forbidden to spit and throw it in the mosque, except to spit on a handkerchief or clothing.The Prophet ﷺ said, “Spitting in a mosque is a sin and an expiation (for forgiveness) is to hoard the saliva,” (Sahih al-Bukhari No. 40). What is meant here is hoarding saliva when the mosque floor of soil, sand, or semisalnya. As if the floor of the mosque was like cement or lime, then he spit on the fabric, hand, or else.
  7. Prohibition assembled together in the mosque for the sake of the worldProphet forbade us gathered-together for world affairs because the mosque to worship Allah. Prophet ﷺ said, “There will come a time to a group of people, where they are coiled inside the mosque to assemble and they have no interest except the world and there is no any interests in them then do not sit with them,” (HR. Al-Hakim volumes 4 page 359 and graded hasan by Shaykh al-Albani).
  8. Do not go out after the adhan but there is a reasonIt is As told in a narration of Abu As Sya’tsaa Allaah ‘anhu, he said: “We’ve sat with Abu Hurayrah in a mosque. Then the muezzin call to prayer. Then there was a man who stood up and then out of the mosque. Abu Hurairah see it and then he said, ‘The act of the person included in immoral acts against Abul Qasim (the Prophet Muhammad) ﷺ’ “(HR. Muslim No. 655 and judged authentic by Sheikh Al-Albani in Saheeh book Ibni Majah no599).If we were inside the mosque and the the adhan has been done, then it should not go out of the mosque to complete the implementation of the obligatory prayers, but if there is excuses.


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