Obligations of The Husband at The Time of The Pregnant Wife

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At the time of the pregnant wife, the husband must be really trusted and fulfill its responsibilities for the wife. That is she has feelings are very sensitive at the time. The existence of a husband is very important where a pregnant wife will definitely involve emotion.

Obligations of the husband at the time of the pregnant wife

The wife desperately needs the attention of her beloved husband. There are several things that should be done to the wife who is pregnant:

1. The husband should show compassion towards his wife, as the closest living companion.

The main factor that should be done in your wife’s pregnancy is a feeling of tranquility. Prevent your wife from thinking about a complicated and heavy problem.

Keep away from the sadness of such feelings will make the weakness of the fetus is contained and the fatal risk is the miscarriage. Give a sense of warmth and sincerity, so that your wife can calm down and relax during her pregnancy.

2. Be honest and faithful to wives and avoid being cruel to wives.

Many things are sometimes strange at the time which your wife was pregnant like asking for something hard to find. However, you should try to make it happen because it is the nature of the fetus that is conceived.

Never underestimate the request of such a wife because it will adversely affect the wife and the fetus is conceived.

3. End the first tense affair or an argument if there is a dispute that occurred with the wife before returning to bed.

Some wives will be easily emotional while being pregnant. It’s a common thing where an occasionally unstable hormone makes her feel sensitive, sensitive, and irritable. Therefore, encourage the wife to talk something relaxed so that her heart calm and feel loved. Get used to doing this every day.

4. Avoid cigarette smoke as well so your fetus is healthy

If your husband is an active smoker should not smoke near the wife during pregnancy. Smoke released by cigarettes contains many of these harmful substances will be bad for the wife and also the fetus it contains.It is better if you also quit smoking for the good of yourself and your environment.

5. Do not allow to do heavy work

Other factors related to health that must be considered is a heavy work during pregnancy. Do not let your wife do a hard job if your wife is an entrepreneur or working in a corporate agency. At home do not impose on a pregnant wife to do the heavy and boring.As soon as you take over the usual household chores such as washing dishes, sweeping, mopping, and so forth.

6. At the time the wife is almost maternal, the husband is encouraged to read the following prayer, “La ilaha illa anta, Subhanaka, Inni kuntu minaz-zalimin


The behavior of the husband should often pray sunnah or praying desires and pray for the wife and child in the womb safe. Pregnancy will put pressure on women physically, he must accommodate the contents, his body works stronger. Her heart pumps 40% more blood than normal. His waist should control the disposal of his baby’s stools.

Pregnant women as well as experiencing emotional changes, then the obligations of male to keep the hearts of his spouse to remain calm on his side.