Natural cure stomach infection with bay leaves

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Natural cure stomach infection with bay leaves. Many people asked about acute ulcer disease natural cure stomach infection that was appropriate and rapid treatment of this disease, if you are already infected by the disease can not be cured completely because it has been wound in the stomach that can not immediately be cured. Especially if you drink ulcer drug on the market, instead of low-quality but this kind of drug is designed for all types of ulcer and not specific to the disease you are suffering.

This can only heal but in terms of temporary and should be taken physician, if do not want to be a very acute chronic gastritis. Acts of omission makes this disease becomes a kind of time bomb that can explode at any time, if only rely on drugs that function only dampen rather than a settlement. If you feel reluctant to go to the doctor would be a good idea to use traditional medicine that will not cause side effects, research has now narrowed to the leaves that serves Iambung treat infections. Bay leaf can also treat diabetes, typhoid drugs, gout and high blood pressure. In addition, these leaves can also cure extreme itching (urticaria).



Ways of making traditional herb is also not too hard, you can get leaves in supermarkets and traditional markets. But better also have a bay leaf plant itself is still fresh and fresh when used to make this herb. You require approximately 1-5 bay leaves and ginger are also three sections, the first step is wash bay leaves and mashed ginger, both Boil 3 cups of water, boiled until boiling. Lift and let cool, then strain the decoction of both ingredients. Drink this mixture before eating, should be routinely taken every 2 times a day and 1 cup at bedtime.

It’s good in the manufacture of traditional herb natural medicine gastric infection using natural materials, such as container and land broiler hat. This will minimize the presence of chemical substances to be included in this medicinal herb. If you use containers made of metal or steel would result in a decrease in quality. Besides these metals will make the herb to release the metal substances contained in it.

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