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The verses of the Koran that calls for jihad is not only directed at men only. But for all Muslims. The wives of companions participated in the war along with men. They do not get out of the war.

Among the tasks performed Muslim woman is giving drink to the fighters as well as care for their injuries. Even among them there are advanced at the forefront in the midst of a war between the flash of swords and arrows strike. The fighters were injured or who suffered other, they bring into tents treatment.

Lady Rafidah is regarded as the first female physician in Islam. Prophet set up a large tent hospital resembles a special moment for him. In performing its duties, the wife of Hazrat Rafidah assisted other companions. At first, the Muslims brought the fighters who died a martyr to the city of Medina to be buried there. This task is handled the Muslim woman. They brought the martyrs to the city of Medina. They were digging for the funeral of the martyrs. After going down the revelation to the Prophet that the martyrs buried on the battlefield, the women too, who carry out the task.

The friend’s wife also played a role in many areas of life. They help determine between war or peace, war or truce. They have the right to “pardon” of prisoners and the right to restore their property.

Before the war, the Prophet and the Companions were also present at the meeting. They all, without exception, got a call Apostles’ man, give me advice! Indeed Allah ordered me to deliberation. ”

Among the tasks that also lived in the time of the Prophet womenfolk are providing food and beverages for the fighters as well as taking care of the horses of war. In addition, they served to improve and prepare the weapon fighters amid the turmoil of war.

In a battle, the sword in the hands of Khalid bin Walid broken. Seeing this, the wife Umm Khalid Tamim immediately helped the husband to provide a new weapon in order to continue the battle. Similarly, Asma bint Abu Bakr, she helped her husband Zubair bin Layman with weaponry.

The wife’s presence beside her husband on the battlefield very nurture their fighting spirit. It’s all for the sake of defending the dignity and honor and to show the spirit of heroism and nobility in the presence of his wife. How many fighters pumped his spirit on the battlefield due to the presence of a woman.

In the event of war Kodisiah, Al-Khasna a poetess burn morale of four sons and the Muslim youth to fight and martyr. When he saw her four sons had died as a martyr in the war, Khasna not weep for them. In fact, he said those very words of the renowned “Praise be to God who has glorified myself and with the death of my sons.”

Another task of the women are prevented fighters from running away when war raged. The woman standing behind the soldiers who are fighting. If there are fighters who retreated from the battlefield, the wife quickly pointed-show the children in the eyes of the father (showing how embarrassing attitude fled from the battlefield.

During the war Yarmuk, Khalid bin Walid put the women at the top of the hill which is behind the soldiers. The women will be stoned fighters retreated from the battlefield with gravel and wood, or flush them with dust.

Actually, the main tasks of women in war is not physical fights. Yet many women are directly involved in the battle mighty. They are there who use the sword those that use the arrows. In order to help the fighters or avoid defeat.

In any major war the number of women can reach thousands of people. History has recorded the heroine in the early days of Islam. Umm Amarah Nasibah bint Ka’b not just once plunge together Messenger. In the battle of Uhud, Umm Amarah all-out defense of the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi Wassalam until he was injured.

In each battle, the number of Muslims is always less than the number of opponents. Therefore, when fighting flared almost, the women were on guard day and night. They provide an opportunity for the fighters to a lot of rest.

In the war Yarmu ‘all soldiers asleep because of sheer exhaustion. The commander Abu Ubaidah bin Jirah do not want to burden his men who were very tired so just in case. So even if a commander, he himself did guard duty. Turns out he saw Asma bint Abu Bakr and a group of Muslim women’s middle guard around the camp. They all drew the sword. It is indeed a very beautiful view, a great commander and daughter caliph together to do guard duty.

Thus, Islamic history is filled heroism of the women. It would be nice if this extraordinary heroism we express to generations of us to be an example to strive in the way of Allah.

Jihad age women now

Doors jihad for women still remain open. Especially in an age filled with hard-paced life now. They occupy a strategic position to become fortresses family. At the time the men are busy looking for living life to the family, they have a responsibility to educate mental and moral children not to participate swept who kept dragging him to the brink of destruction. This is a responsibility of mothers who did not light.

This form of responsibility is not much weighed by the troops who had to face the enemy directly in the battlefield. If the presence of enemy forces and bustle wave arrival was able to inflame the spirit to fight-on condition that we can cultivate the spirit of resistance as much as possible. But the enemies are now wrapped and included in packs of interest. They went into the sidelines of domestic life with a charming weapon.

Television, video, laser disc can not be denied to have the values of the benefits therein. However, the level of impact much larger and dangerous, if we can use appropriately.

When religion recommends that children Islam clever use time wisely, television contrary; invites the viewers dissipate with time and throw-dump in vain. When the religion of Islam encourages children apply smooth and courteous to older people and to human society, video educating them with coarse and loud behavior. Likewise, when religion recommends that children of Islam away from behaviors that lead to fornication and immorality, laser disc offers a good tutor adultery at any time.

Good mothers are those who realize that the forms spectacle like that, now not only as entertainment, but has been transformed into an enemy. They are slowly undermined minds and hearts of our children, so that they become wild and out of control religious life.

From our homes each enemy so let us not continue to control rampant. With all the simplicity we create an Islamic environment in a home environment each with escorting children’s thinking, guarding toys and spectacle and teach the children education and noble character, cultivate reading the Koran in a family environment, including prayers.

Islam is the light signal was already getting light with a level of passion our children to existing landfills more lively. Muslim women have a major role to correct this condition continuously. Hopefully, therefore, the idea of having an baatil will think a thousand times. Hopefully Hidayatullah (guidance of Allah) is always there for us all. Ameen. *

Description: Mother Teacher Meher Afrozakanan, being taught the Koran to students at an Islamic school in Kabul / mnsbc

Source: Hidayatullah



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