Look Fart smell Apparently There Pointless


fart smellIt may be mistaken for a bit strange, but be honest, if you often intend to smell fart yourself? If yes, did you know that the smell of a fart itself was, in fact, able to lower the risk of cancer?

Some scientists believe that the gas smell of flatulence has some surprising health benefits. Predicted, hydrogen sulfide, one of the strongest gas content in this fart, produced by bacteria in the rotten food in the gut. Gas is useful to avoid cancer, stroke, heart attack and even dementia.

This fact one of them is expressed by some experts at Exeter College. They said that in small doses, toxic gases can help make the protection of some of the cells in the body and acts against the disease through by helping to maintain the mitochondria. This is to encourage the production of power in the blood vessel cells and regulate inflammation.

Avoid damage to mitochondria is a key issue in curing a variety of health complaints, ranging from stroke, heart unsuccessful, diabetes, arthritis, dementia and aging.
“When some cells began to weaken due to illness, so they will attract the enzymes to increase the amount of hydrogen sulfide,” explained Professor Matt Whitema, from the Faculty of Medicine, Campus Exeter, as written in The Huffington Post.
The thing that makes more active mitochondrial activity which is very likely to live cells. If this sort of thing did not last, so some cells will die and lose the power to regulate the survival survive and regulate inflammation.

“We’ve done the research to create a compound that is AP39. Slowly these compounds makes small amounts of toxic gases to the mitochondria. Finally give some indication that when the cells were stimulated by AP39 stress, mitochondrial surprising manner can protect and make some cells were kept alive.

Rhythm, biosciences experts from Exeter campus Dr. Mark Wood stated that the gas smell of flatulence one time can be a health hero to fight various diseases. In fact, he saw a chance to make a therapy.

“Although hydrogen sulfide in familiar smells very sharp, like the smell of rotten eggs smell gas or flatulence, but this is a natural way in the production of the body and can even be a health hero. Maybe tomorrow this kind of thing can be therapy for a variety of disease, “he said the results of the study are also published in the journal’s Medicinal Chemistry Communications.

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