Lessons Behind Delayed Prayer


One thing that looks most surprising was a believer prays but prayer was granted. He still prayed and continue to pray. However, it turned out he had to keep waiting for that prayer be granted in a long time, even he did not see any sign of a grant!

In such conditions a Muslim should know that what they are experiencing is a test that requires more patience, and whisperings that churned in his soul is a disease that must be treated.

I never experienced such a test. One day I hit a problem, I then pray and to pray constantly. But it turns out the prayer that I do not also present, and the devil was in the area immediately around the deception was.

One time the devil whispered to me, “God’s infinite generosity and stinginess is not his character. Then, the delay in the granting of the prayer does not contain any value! ”

Get behind me, Satan accursed! ‘Mind. “I do not require claimants sheep and I never asked you to be my advisor!”

After that I urge my soul, “Do not you ever say yes whisperings of Satan! Because, suppose wisdom contained in the delay of prayer just so you fight your enemies, then it is great wisdom. ”

Then he asked, “Well, explain to me why the prayer is not immediately granted in a case like this?”

I also gave the following answer:

First, it has been clearly based on strong dalil, that Allah Almighty is the owner, and the owner has the right to give or withhold anything he had. Therefore, the protest is an action that is no reason, though only slightly.

Secondly, it has certainly based on dalil-dalil  that firm, the wisdom of God, you may see something as a good thing, but the wisdom of God actually see it with a different vision. Some physicians action looks to be hazardous when viewed from the outside, but the goal is cure and very possibly delay terkabulnya same prayer with action this physicians.

Thirdly, the delay in the establishment of prayer may actually constitute a favor, while the rapid realization of prayer is precisely the ugliness. Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam also has said, “A servant will remain in his favor while he was in a hurry to say,’ I have prayed but not yet granted ‘.”

Fourth, not granting a prayer may be due to defects that exist in you. Maybe your food contains items doubtful, perhaps inattentive heart during prayer, or maybe this is your punishment for sin that you do not regret in earnest. Therefore, investigate anything that has been mentioned, hopefully you can find it.

One day a man entered the house of Abu Yazid Rahimahullah, a few moments later he came home and saw it. Abu Yazid stand at the door and told one of his students entered to take new land attached to it. Suddenly the man got up and left, Abu Yazid rahimahullah asked about this issue, then he replied, “This land is derived from sources that are not clearly lawful and illicit goods doubtful when it was lost, then that person had come to go.”

One moment Ibrahim bin Khawwash Rahimahullah out to deny a possibility. Strange, the dog barked and prevented it. Ibrahim returned home, entered the mosque and prayers, and then out again. Magically, this time even flutter-ipaskan dog tail as if to give him support.

Fifth, you should reexamine your objectives ask what you asked. It could be a wish come true prayer will only add to your sins, or delay the rise in the goodness of your position so that your prayers ketidakterkabulan even better for you.

In ancient times the scholars of the Salaf used to pray to God to be given the chance to fight. Suddenly a voice without such a shout, “If you fight you will be arrested, and if you are taken prisoner you will be apostates.”

Sixth, the absence of what you want is very likely going to make you pleaded and begged mercy of your Lord at the door, while terkabulnya prayer can be will make forget the One who you ask. This is something that is invisible to the eye, because if it were not for this unfortunate course we never saw you there at the door of pity. Allah Almighty has to know that His creatures often forget Him when He gave goodness to him.

Therefore, occasionally he gave them in the trials on the sidelines of the pleasures he has given so they pushed him closer to the door to ask for His help. Thus, this is the grace even in the form of disaster, and the real disaster is something that makes one forget Him, being something that can make strapping in his presence is pure kindness given you.

If you meditate in earnest descriptions above, you will definitely ignore failures to obtain your desires and occupy yourself with things that are more useful for you. For example, throw away your weaknesses, ask forgiveness for your sins and pleaded standing at the door of the King around the king.


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