lemongrass benefits for health

benefits of lemongrass for health

lemongrass benefits for health – Lemongrass or usually called Sera, is one type of grass plants often utilized for cooking. Lemongrass has a scientific name Cymbopogon citratus were included in the family Poaceae. The lemongrass leaves from India
southern and Sri Lanka. For mothers or people who love to cook, of course, already
familiar with lemongrass is because many traditional dishes that use the world
sera, as one of the ingredients.

Lemongrass including seasoning is easy to find, you can buy it in the market at a price
which is quite affordable or grow it yourself in the yard of the house because of lemongrass plant does not require special treatment. As we know, when using lemongrass as a spice, the dishes we cook there will be such a sour scent of lemon leaves. By using lemongrass as a seasoning, cook a dish that we will increase the flavor and fragrance will arouse your appetite.

In various countries other than Indonesia such as Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia and even in the continent of Africa and the Americas, lemongrass leaves have become a favorite material that is used for culinary and medicinal. However, do you know that actually lemongrass than beneficial for cooking, lemongrass also has benefits as well as benefits for health? For the people of Indonesia, mostly properties of lemongrass leaves for health and beauty was not a secret anymore. As quoted from manfaat.co.id. The following are the benefits of lemongrass leaves.

Lemongrass benefits for health

1. Anti-Cancer
A study has found that the leaves of lemongrass contains citral. Citral is an anticancer agent that can kill cancer cells by maintaining healthy cells and tissues in our bodies.

2. Diabetes
Drinking tea with lemongrass, you can help clean the pancreas and improve the function of the pancreas. It was able to lower blood sugar levels in people with diabetes.

3. Anemia
Lemon grass contains iron which is very useful for ksintetis hemoglobin (red blood cell protein that can carry oxygen throughout the body). Therefore by taking lemongrass can help you cure anemia.

4. Clean Bacterial and fungal infections
Containing citronella anti-septic properties that can eliminate microorganisms that
are in our body, detoxify and cleanse the blood and can help
eliminates bacteria, fungi or yeasts.

5. Anti-Inflammatory and Anti Septic
Anti-inflammatory and anti-septic in lemongrass able to treat arthritis, gout and inflammation of the urinary tract.

6. As Oil Wind
With the content of essential oils, lemongrass can relieve the symptoms of flu and cold fever.

7. Detoxification
The anti-oxidant, anti-septic and diuretic effect in lemongrass able to help cleanse and purify the liver, kidney, bladder, pancreas and can improve blood circulation. While diuretic effects will effectively remove toxins.

8. Lose Weight
Neurotic effect will assist you in removing fat detoxification.

9. Insomnia
Citronella is able to purify and provide a calming effect and improve the quality of your sleep.

10. Reduce Cholesterol
With an anti-cholesterol content owned lemongrass will help reduce
and intestinal cholesterol absorption and helps oksklasi LDL or bad cholesterol in
the blood
11. High Blood
Lemongrass containing high potassium so as to encourage diuresis and help lower blood pressure.

12. Nervous System
Magnesium, phosphorus, and folate in lemongrass can foster your full functionality. In Addition, substances were also useful in improving concentration and the brain’s ability to process information obtained.

13. Healthy digestion
Efficacy of lemongrass leaves most famous is to help maintain digestive health.

How readers. whether you are amazed once understand some of the benefits of lemongrass leaves?
That was the message the author wants to convey to the reader, not just information
but also provide education so that people care about the health of the herbal way.



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