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Some are still confused about the types of chili cultivation. For example, the difference of red chili, green chili and chili curly. For the players chili maybe this is not a problem, but for the beginner can be confusing.

Knowledge of the types of chili is very necessary to make the planning of farming. The goal is that we can determine the necessary capital, cultivation techniques, and targeted market.

In this article, we try to describe the types of chili. More specifically about the kinds of peppers most widely cultivated in Indonesia.chili

Chili included in the class of plants eggplants are Solanaceae. Chilli plant species name is Capsicum sp. Types and varieties of chili plants very much. However, out of which only a few species are cultivated widespread.

In Indonesia, at least three kinds of chili are known most widely cultivated, namely large chili, cayenne pepper and cayenne hybrid. Besides, there are several types of ornamental chili that is not to be consumed as the types of ornamental chili.

Type of large chili

Great chili (Capsicum annum L) is an important agricultural commodity in Indonesia. In general, there are three major classes of chili, namely red chili, red chili and chili curly green. Pretty much, a few varieties are popular including the following:

  • Red chili. Long oval shape with tapering ends. Her skin was smooth and slightly thick like having a layer of wax.
  • Curly red pepper. Long shape with a small diameter, taper tends pointy edges. His skin is not smooth but wavy or curly. His skin is relatively thin.
  • Green chilies. ¬†Is actually a kind of green chili red chili is harvested while still green. The reason for this early harvesting usually to get results more quickly or in some locations it is difficult to harvest red. For areas where rainfall and high humidity is relatively more difficult to harvest red chilies until perfect. Green chili is not spicy than red chili and the price is cheaper.

Chilli is quite sensitive to the weather, pests and diseases. This type of chili plant requires special skills and experience, especially for the big party. Capital for cultivation is relatively large. Perhaps because the risk is high enough to plant chili so that at times can be a shortfall. This makes the price of this commodity is able to go very high and the tumultuous economy.

Type cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper (Capsicum frutescens) has a mini size, about 2-4 cm in length. Taste this kind of chili spicy relatively large, although there are some varieties that are less spicy. Color cayenne pepper is very diverse, ranging from green, red, yellow to orange.

This type of chili can bear fruit throughout the year, not knowing the season. The plants are fairly resistant to all weather conditions and can be grown in the highlands or low. Most types of chili are grown in Indonesia is a local variety. The seed produced by the farmers of the previous harvest.

Type of hybrid chili

Hybrid chili peppers actually included in a large group. It’s just been experiencing crosses and selection with a variety of modern breeding techniques. Most hybrid chili more spoiled than regular varieties. Some are less resistant grown in open fields such as the type of chili peppers.

This hybrid chili has advantages in terms of productivity, shape and resistance to certain diseases. Some popular types of hybrid chili are:

  • Red chili: Hot beauty, Emerald, Horizon, Imperial, Violin, Into hot.
  • Curly chili: Lembang-1, Cape-1, Cape-2, Kunthi, Papyrus.
  • Cayenne pepper: Discovery, Bara, Midshipman, Gods, Juwita.
  • Paprika: Heirloom, Edison, Suniya.

So a bit about the types of chili are easily found and cultivated. Hope it is useful.

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