The journey of life after death by Islam


Death (separation of the spirit from the body) is definitely something for every creature has a life, that’s a promise by Almighty Allah. The life we live in this world is one of the pleasures and temporary shelter. There are still existing a series of a long trip that must go through after this life.

In the heart of every Muslim, we are sure in life after death. The meaning of life after death in the understanding of the Muslim is not like we’re living in this world nor a reincarnation. However in question life after death in Islam is a life that will be lived with the eternal hereafter.

Previous to eternal life in the hereafter we now live in this world. Life in this world we are commanded by Allah the Almighty to worship and commit good deeds, as it will be useful in the Hereafter. Therefore, previously we are through to the afterlife is very important for us to done a lot in its favor, both in matters of worship and other acts.

In addition, we also have to obey what Allah has commanded and His Messenger and stay away from all that is prohibited and forbidden by Him. so it could provide security to us on the Day of Judgment later, and after death, there are many stages and the trip we were going through and the stages of the human journey after death will start on the following stage.

1. Natural circumstances the Grave

After death, the journey we are going through is the journey to the grave. The grave is the first layover would that we live after death. In Nature this grave, we as humans are able to know where we will be staying in the Hereafter. In the grave disbelievers, hypocrites, and the believers who sin will get the punishment in it, this is where the punishment of the grave.

Believers who were tortured in the grave was because of the lack of their knowledge of Allah. They know that Allah is their God, but they liked the ban and leave His commandment. Humans who have died will be in the grave until the humans raised again at the resurrection.

2. Day of Resurrection

At the time of resurrection from the dead, people came in droves to the form and a state of different to waiting for a decision from the court of God. At that time, Man will be confronted in the court of the fairest, because the slightest good deed or crime will get in return there.

3. Padang Mahsyar ( the field of Mahsyar)

Mahsyar field is very broad grounding gathering place for the first creature, until the last creature alive. The lands of Mahsyar are in the afterlife and is said to be sandy, it does not look high and low.

In this land of all of God’s creatures that are in the seven heavens and the earth, including angels, jinn, humans, animals are gathered and overcrowding. Every human being on the court will be present on the land Mahsyar, accompanied by two angels, one as a retinue and the other as a witness over all his actions in the world.

4. Day of Accounting

Judgment day or the day of reckoning deeds is the day that Allah shows His servants concerning their deeds. The Almighty of Allah says in the Al-Quran:

[The time of] their account has approached for the people, while they are in heedlessness turning away. QS Al Anbiiya [21]:1

And We place the scales of justice for the Day of Resurrection, so no soul will be treated unjustly at all. And if there is [even] the weight of a mustard seed, We will bring it forth. And sufficient are We as an accountant. QS Al Anbiiya [21]:47

This is where the stage largely determines the fate of our future, If at that time we showed good deeds is higher then we will be safe. So what should we do so that when the day of reckoning later, the scales of our good deeds outweigh the bad things that we do?

Following God’s commandments and His Messenger seriously. Perform His commands and avoid His prohibitions absolute must do.

5. Go through the bridge of siraat

Siraat bridge is the bridge that spans over hell, and the bridge is the only way to heaven and the whole human being must pass through the bridge.

This is where the determination ultimately, heaven or hell. If we can pass through then we would live in paradise, full of enjoyment and will abide therein. And conversely, if we can not pass then we will be the dwellers of the Fire.