If parents ordered us to immoral acts

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The young man immediately accepted Islam da’wah by Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam. However, he has to face his mother who still pagan. Not only opposed, the mother also threatened, “Come out of Islam, or I will not eat until death. And the Arabs will call you as ‘mother’s killer’. ”

He confusion. Berislam is a necessity. Filial to parents is also a very precious good deeds. Moreover, in this case, if the boy remained in a state of Islam, the mother could die because he did not eat for a long time.

Apparently, a young man named Sa’ad Abi Waqqas child’s true faith. On the threat of his mother, he said fully convinced. “By Allah, O my mother,” the child continued, “if the mother had a hundred lives, and the lives it out one by one,” he said with confidence that steady, “I will not leave my religion.”

The first day, the mother shows the action. Morning, noon, afternoon, evening, to meet again in the morning, round twenty-four hours; he did not touch a morsel of food. Entering the second day, the mother remained firm with its action. Even forty-eight hours, his mother was still strong with a hunger strike.

Entering the third day, the defense of the mother in the hunger began to falter. Can not be detained. As a result, the mother was eating food. His hunger strike failed. And, Sa’ad managed to maintain his Islam.

As this is should we respond to commands parents were opposed to the orders of Allah Ta’ala and the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa Sallam. If the command of parents opposed to the suggestion of both, it does not follow is the most excellent form obedient to our parents.

Of course, there are manners which must be maintained. Is with words, and good deeds. Not to yell, rant, let alone to make physical contact. Because, in the story of this Sa’ad, Allah Ta’ala admonished by lowering the letter Luqman [31] Paragraph 15,

And if they strive to associate with something that I have no knowledge about it, then do not obey them, both in the world and pergaulilah well, and follow the path of people who return to me, and then only to the all return unto me, then I am proclaiming to what you used to do.

Allaah praised kink right moment in Islam, but rebuked related answers addressed to his mother. In fact, if we look, the answer Sa’ad still polite. But, that noble mother. Therefore, we must treat it with the best treatment. [huuwaida/wisdom]

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