A must-read for the Mother: How to Understand the Meaning of Baby Tears (part 1)

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How to Understand the Meaning of Baby Tears – As I have just described in article 8 Ways to Know to communicate with the baby’s mother, crying is the most important form of communication and the most commonly used baby. with crying, babies want to tell the people to him on condition that he experienced, this article is the first of a series of articles on the meaning of the crying baby motherbaby tears

How to Understand the Meaning of Baby Cries

Hungry, thirsty and wanted to suckle

characteristics of mothers crying baby when you’re hungry is:

  • cries have a regular pattern or rhythm reply
  • not accompanied by a shrill scream or higher. However, if left too long, can be pitched as the baby is very hungry
  • note: there is a pause to breathe and cry again
  • cries will sound like “nnah” or nneh “
  • Sometimes the baby’s mouth is open as if sucking or as to the nipple


characteristics of infants who cry because of colic are:

  • accompanied by shrill cries or screams
  • may cry constantly for more than 3 hours. stopped for 2 to 3 minutes then resumes again
  • This cries accompanied by physical conditions such as facial redness, hard stomach tightened, legs pulled toward the abdomen, hands clenched, the baby’s body rigid and can also pass gas while
  • The colicky baby cries as sounding like “eairhh”

wanted to be held / carried

primarily by his mother. instinctively baby really want to always get a touch and hug from the mother. give a hug intensity that much every day in infants. characteristics baby is crying because he wanted to be hugged her crying tone lower. This weeping occurs usually after feedings or diaper changed

drowsiness and lethargy

characteristics of infants who cry because of sleepiness and or achieve is:

  • fidgeting then forwarded to weeping softly
  • cries sound like “owwhh”
  • cries dashed, however briefly stopped crying briefly occur sustainably
  • crying, sometimes accompanied by rubbing the eyes, face or ears alone attractive baby
  • Other physical characteristics: often evaporate then rotate the head or stretched and arched

want to burp

characteristics that babies cry because they want to burp is weeping tone is rather low and it sounds like the sound of “ehh” short spoken but repetitive. cries models usually happen if the baby is too full so that stomach discomfort.

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