How to Eliminate Foot Odor Naturally

how to Eliminate-foot-odor-naturally

how to Eliminate-foot-odor-naturallyHow to Eliminate Foot Odor. Having smelly feet when removing shoes seemed clients who experience it will get annoyed, especially when we are in public places such as schools, malls, campuses and others, certainly makes us feel insecure and shy. The shame felt by every person who has my smelly feet reasonable guess because the foot is quite a pungent odor and can make people who are around us become uncomfortable when adjacent.

The smell coming out of the foot when opening the shoe usually occurs because sweat, how to remove foot odor in shoes can be overcome with some natural ingredients that can be found around us with so smell in your feet will disappear and you also be comfortable and confident when opening the shoe near the following are some of the material naturally you can use to how to eliminate foot odor in traditional.

How To Eliminate Foot Odor

1. Green Tea
But can be used to eliminate body odor turns the leaves and plant one. This is also useful to eliminate odors on foot, how to use it enough easily by soaking your feet in the water and the green tea leave every time you will doing activities using the shoe, with so will reduce the smell on your stiff.

2. Lime
Indeed, the fruit is quite a lot of benefits both for health and beauty, than beneficial to remove the black spots on the face. One of the Other properties that may rarely known by many people that Orange juice is also useful to eliminate odors on your feet.  ho how can you do that to prepare water with juice Lime juice and soak your feet in the water a few minutes, do every day to get the maximum results.

3. Shampoo
Maybe you will be a little surprised by the material on this one because usually your shampoo use that to wash hair, but you can also use to deodorize the feet, which means you can use that with mix about a bucket of warm water with a few drops of shampoo
then soak your feet in the water for fifteen minutes.

By doing some of the above tips on how to eliminate foot odor naturally. Hopefully, it can reduce or even eliminate the smell of your feet, especially on the socks so that in the dressing every day. so little tips this time may be beneficial to us all.



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