How to Eliminate Body Odor with Natural Ingredients


How to Eliminate Body Odor Naturally. Have body odor would make us less confident because it will make those who are near us feel uncomfortable, especially when you attend important events such as the meeting during the discussion, at meetings and others, definitely makes you feel embarrassed due to body odor that, since
surely those who are one room with you will feel at home.

Basically, the body odor occurs due to sweating out the unhealthy and unusual, the cause is the food we eat, the food is the kind of food that can make us into a smelly sweat. No sweat on our bodies is derived from apocrine and eccrine sweat glands are both acting as sweat. The main content in sweat is the main ingredient of a salt chemical called sodium chloride (NaCl) and other materials that emit scents such as 4-metilfenol (p-krosol) & 2 metilfenol (o-krosol).

As we know that the sweat that comes out of the body, mainly in the face and dripped onto the tongue must have a salty taste, but it also sweats odor relative, which usually depends on the type of food we eat. There are two types of natural way Eliminate Body Odor is the first from the outside and the second from in, eliminate body odor from outside yes of course using perfume or other material so that the smell that comes out of your body covered by the scent of perfume that you use, but keep in mind when addressing odor from the outside is only temporary because if you use perfume already surely missing your body odor will be out back.

The next way that you can use is to eliminate odor from the body by regulating the food you eat, the excess overcome from within that body odor neutralizing effect scent that comes out of the body can last a long time, as long as you adjust your diet by eating meal can be relied upon to remove the smell of your body, is analogous to eliminate bad breath. As quoted from Below is Getting Rid of Body Odor Permanently you need to know.

How to Eliminate Body Odor

1. Brown Rice
By consuming Brown Rice in addition to making a healthy body, can also be categorized as a food that can help you eliminate body odor, the consumption of regular and routine to get maximum results.

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2. Color White Meat
Who would have thought it red meat can make our bodies become smelly, if you are a fan of meat and you do not want to lead in your body odor, it can consume white meat, one of which is chicken, with that nutrition and keep your favorite you eat and do not cause odor on your body.

3. Raw Vegetables
Vegetables are cooked before eaten will reduce the number of vitamins in it, the content of vitamins in raw vegetables will make vitamins in it anyway and not reduced as vitamin B and A by eating raw vegetables can eliminate body odor.

4. Fresh Fruit
It is no doubt with vitamins contained in fresh fruit, in addition to the lower calorie content in fresh fruit also can reduce body odor, kind of fresh fruits are low in calories, namely Oranges, Grapes, Pears, Watermelon, Strawberry, Apple.

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5. Water
By consuming water regularly and routinely we can eliminate body odor because water can eliminate the toxins in the urine so that we would not sweat too much.

6. Green Tea
Not only taste delicious and enjoyable when in the drink in the morning, it turns out that green tea can eliminate body odor because the content contained in green tea can eliminate bacteria that will cause odor in our body.

Those are some foods that you can consume as How to Eliminate Body Odor, in addition, to nourish the body it serves as a neutralizing scent on your body, if you have been less like the food as I mentioned above, it looks like you should reconsider if you do not want the body you be the smell.



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