How to be strong during fasting


Fasting is to resist the thirst and hunger, does not eat and drink more than 12 hours will certainly make the body work is not like the usual. Feeling faint definitely came over, but that’s no reason for you to give up on fasting.

Few want to help you to remain strong during the move despite being fast, WPDC has several ways that can be followed or implemented if it is beneficial.How to be strong during fasting

Eat Sahur with proper intake

When dawn meal tries to eat some of the following types such as vegetables, fruits, lean beef, fish, soy milk, and juice of green beans. Because fiber and protein contained therein if consumed enough to make you stay awake long enough stamina

keep exercising

Although sports activities will make you sweat and certainly thirst, but to keep body condition is maintained, do not leave the sport. Just do light exercise such as walking or running in the morning, but do not have to stay long.

Do not look at the clock frequency

Time of 12 hours is certainly not sooner or later, already accounting for half a day you do not fill the stomach anything. Think about how much longer the remaining time left and back and forth looking at the clock it will seem a long running time. So focus with what you’re doing, because of busy will make sure with time.

Avoid going to places to eat

Then again there is free time or being bored, do not go to a place that shows diverse tempting snacks. Fear only makes the appetite even be passionate, if faith was the one tempted it fails you fasting.

Having a strong faith

If fasting is based in faith is strong enough, all forms of any temptation certainly will not be an obstacle.

Usually most people while fasting will look limp and lifeless if it is active. But for you who’ve grown up it seems it is already no longer need to be shown. Be excited undergo worship and still be professional while performing work or other activities. (Source: infounikbisnis.blogspot)


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