How can purify the body and the clothes get dirty?


nodaIf the clothes and body exposed to unclean then let washed with water to be lost if the excrement can be seen, such as blood. However, if after washing was still no trace and difficult to be eliminated, then he excused.

If it does not look like unclean urine it is sufficient to wash only once.

“One of our menses, then the blood is exposed clothing; what should be done? Similarly, asked one of the women who came to ask the Prophet. He said, “Let the blood of hip, then scrubbed with water and washed with water. After that, the clothes may be to take prayer! “(This hadith has been agreed upon their validity among experts of hadith)

If unclean it is exposed to the lower end women’s clothing, the land that cleanses him. It is based on the hadith narrated by Ahmad and Abu Dawood that a woman asked Umm Salamah ra, “I reached the end of the clothes down. At that time, I was walking in a dirty place. “Umm Salamah said that the Messenger of Allah. Once said, “The end of the clothes will be washed away by the goods about it afterwards.” (HR. Abu Dawud).

Source: Fiqh Sunnah,


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