History and find out who the actual the yajooj majooj

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History  the yajooj majooj The emergence of a nation that would create chaos and corruption on earth has been ordained by God subhanahuwata’ala as one proof of the great apocalypse. Who and how they are? What do they do so many scholars of putting their names in the preaching?

Within a few hadith about the signs of the Day of Judgment, there are ten signs mentioned the Day of Judgment. Among them is a discharge of  the yajooj majooj. Concerning about the emergence  the yajooj majooj not only mentioned in the hadith, even mentioned in the Quran surah Al-Anbiya ‘verse 96-97:

Until when [the dam of] Gog and Magog has been opened and they, from every elevation, descend. And [when] the true promise has approached; then suddenly the eyes of those who disbelieved will be staring [in horror, while they say], “O woe to us; we had been unmindful of this; rather, we were wrongdoers.”

 Majuj yajuj about the story could not be separated by Zulkarnain king story because this story of life in the time of the prophet prophetic Zulkarnain. Listen below are narrated briefly.

The journey of King Zulkarnain

In an exploratory, Zulkarnain get to where the sunsets in the western world. There he found residents nonbelievers Zulkarnain was then preached the oneness of Allah. They receive it with delight. The journey continues, Zulkarnain arrived in the eastern region of the world where the sun seemed to rise from there. The Eastern population is very poor and it looks foolish to not be able to build residence.

Zulkarnain also help them, teach have a place to protect themselves from the sun and rain. After receiving help, they receive a da’wah Zulkarnain happily. He also resumed his journey. Zulkarnain arrived at a place between two mountains.

In that place there is a society that does not understand the language. Zulkarnain had a smart brain also need an interpreter to understand what they are saying. The societies also complained about their difficulty in Zulkarnain. They always suffer from poverty because of their wealth always forcibly taken over by the cruel named yajooj and majooj.

The cruel man has a body that is not as common as human beings in general, they always undermine every thing passed. The Yajooj and Majooj are living between the two mountains. They always disturb people in the hills to plunder and destroy all things, both plant and animal.

“Hi Zulkarnain, in fact Yajooj and Majooj those who make corruption on earth then can we give something to you payment, so that you make a wall between us and them? “asked a resident of the hill.

Zulkarnain also have a desire to help them. But there was no effort except the help of God. Then, encouraged having faith the residents of the hill the two mountains. After they became believers, Zulkarnain was thinking of ways to restrict them to the cruel Gog and Magog. “Give me the iron and the copper, I will make a wall between you and them,” said Zulkarnain.

After that, the collected belongs all the mines of the residents of the hill. Zulkarnain then dig up the ground and build a strong foundation of iron. After that, the iron is heated and are melted with copper boiling liquid. So, be very sturdy fortress walls that confine Gog and Magog in the residence.

See it, residents was rejoicing, he thanked to Zulkarnain. But, with humble he was grateful to God. “This wall is a mercy from my Lord, then when it comes the promise of my Lord, He would make smash and the promise of God is true, “said Zulkarnain.

Meanwhile, behind the mountain, Yajooj and Majooj trying to breach the wall. But, none of them successful to climb over or cut out up to now. Narrated that every day since Zulkarnain build the walls of thousands of centuries ago, their leaders are always directing people to climb the wall. However, their efforts fruitless must be done every day until now.

The Yajooj and Majooj of the descendants of Adam (peace be upon him)

The Yajooj and Majooj are of the type the human descendants of Adam. Not as imagined by some people that they are not of the human lineage. Just that they are those who undermine and has the nature and temperament that Allah Almighty has destined them not as the human in general.

The hadeeth indicates that they are of the kind the human a descendant of Adam (peace be upon him) is what is narrated in Sahih Bukhari in Kitab ul Anbiya chapter The Yajooj and Majooj , from Abu Sa’eed al-Khudri

Radhiyallahu’anhu, that the Prophet Muhammad ( peace be upon him) said:

Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala in his word to Adam: “O Adam.” So Adam replied: “Labbaika wa sa’daika wal khairu fi yadaika (I greet your call with pleasure and the good of all in Your hands). ” Then Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala says: “Take out the occupant forces of hell.” Adam then asked: “What is it forces the inhabitants of hell?” Allah subhanahu wata’ala says: “They are out of every thousand, nine hundred ninety-nine!” Then when it was a small child into a grizzled, each of which is pregnant gave birth to what it contains, and you see people as if they drunk when they are not drunk, but because of the punishment of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala very hard. Then The Companions asked: “Who’s that one, O Messenger of Allah?” Messenger of Allah said: “Cheer up the actually occupants of you one hell of Yajooj and Majooj are thousand.” (HR. Al-Bukhaari with Fath al-Bari, juz 6 hal.382)

The properties of that exist at The Yajooj and Majooj

Although they are of the type of the human descendants of Adam, but they have distinctive properties that are different from normal human. Their main characteristic is the destroyer and their number is very large so that when they come down from the mountain seems as flood flows, can not speak and was not fluent, small eyes (slanted), small nose, wide eyes, the red color of his skin as if they his face like a shield and others.

Mentioned in the history Al-Imam Ahmad rahimahullahu, Ibn Harmalah, from her aunt, she said: Prophet Muhammad ( peace be upon him) preached in his state of scorpion sting. He said: “You said there was no enemy. But the truth all of you will continue to fight against the enemy until the arrival of Yajooj and Majooj, wide face, small (narrow) eyes, and there was white hair on. They flow from the high places, as if they their faces like a shield. “(Hadith. Ahmad)

Yajooj and Majooj have an arrogant characteristics

find out who the actual the yajooj majoojYajooj and Majooj when the exit is not passing anything except being undermined. It is not past the lake except drink until exhausted. It is not approaching humans except he killed until they felt triumphant slaughter all the inhabitants of the earth, he challenged inhabitants of the heavens. This is the incredible arrogance of the Yajooj and Majooj.

“Then they walked and stopped on the mountain Khumar, that is one of the mountains in Baitul Maqdis. Then they said: “We have massacred the inhabitants of the earth, let us slaughter the inhabitants of the heavens.” So they threw arrows and their spears into the sky. Then Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala return arrows and spears that they’re covered in blood. “(Hadith Muslim in the book Al-Fitan wa Asyrathus Sa’ah)

The destruction of Yajooj and Majooj with the prayer of Prophet Isa ( peace be upon him)

It was narrated from An-Nawwas ibni Sam’an in a long hadith. Including the following:

When Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala sent down to of Prophet Isa’ (peace be upon him): Verily I pull out my servants that there is no ability for anyone to fight it. Then let them get my servants towards the Thuur. Then Allah subhanahu wa wa ta’ala pull out Yajooj and Majooj and they flowed from every high place. Then they left the lake Thabariyah 1, and drink all the water in the lake. Until when they reached the last row in the lake they said: “It was first here there is still water.” When the trapping of of Prophet Isa’ alaihissallam and his companions.

Up to cow’s head when it is more valuable to them than one hundred dinars you today. Then the Prophet Isa and his companions hope to Allah subhanahu wata’ala. Then Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala send any kind of worm that appeared on their necks. Then the next morning they were entirely destroyed be corpses in about the same time. Then came down (from the mountain Thur) of Prophet Isa and his companions, it was not found even one inch of the place but filled with carcasses and the stench of them.

Then of Prophet Isa’ peace be upon him also hope (pray) to Allah subhanahu wata’ala. Then Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala sends birds neck like a camel, bring their corpses and then thrown in a place that pleases Allah Almighty. Then Allah Almighty send rain that does not leave a single house or tent, and the rain was create the wet earth to become slippery. Then it was said to the earth: ‘grew your fruit and blessings come back. “(Hadith Muslim)





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