Healthy Bathroom Requirements for The Family You Care About.

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The bathroom is a room that you definitely use every day to shower, brush your teeth, and other privacy issues. The bathroom of an important part of the house must be clean and healthy would be the desire of every resident of the house.

Suppose that the house you occupy is said to be healthy if the condition of the bathroom is clean. Everyone loves a healthy bathroom that is odorless and not damp.

However, a healthy bathroom should also be comfortable for both bathing and defecate. For those who are building a bathroom, you design your bathroom into two places such as wet and dry places. Each of these places has its own function.

The wet place is an area where inside to function for bathing then there is a shower or bathtub and also toiletries such as soap and shampoo. While the place is dry, where there you can do like brushing your teeth, drying your hair or even to dress up and also there is a closet.

Many building designers do the sharing of places to make the family comfortable and clean. For those who wish to rebuild or new builds should pay attention to a healthy bathroom.

Measurement of bathroom

Building an ideal bathroom space does not require large great size. The size of a bathroom can be adapted to the needs of the family such as how many relatives, fathers, mothers, children and also the size of the house.

Instead of building great bathrooms but not balanced by the breadth of the house building. No need to force a luxury bathroom, insert a bathtub, washbasin, towel rack. Families should be smart to use the room, prefer a clean and healthy bathroom.

Bathroom device

If you go around looking at another room then it appears there is a lot of furniture and devices such as living room, bedroom, and so also with bathroom devices. Bathroom equipped with a device will provide comfort to family members. Eligible bathroom amenities such as:

  • Shower
  • Toilet Room
  • Sink
  • Trash bin

Lighting, Exposure dan Coruscation

The atmosphere in the bathroom affects the incoming light from the outside into the bathroom. A healthy bathroom you can see in the lighting can be from sunlight or bright lights.

Light is able to decompose the stench due to moisture, prevent bathroom diseases and provide the fresh atmosphere so you can feel the comfort. The selection of paint colors, ceramics, and a bright bath device can support the bathroom atmosphere becomes more luminous and clean.

Air circulation

Put the window on top which when the wind blows that will go through it into the room. Window to help your bathroom be healthy because the air trapped inside will make the air smell.





9 thoughts on “Healthy Bathroom Requirements for The Family You Care About.

  1. We have always lived in a place where the bathrooms have had windows, we recently moved into a place without one *sight I can already see some ‘moldish’ stain on the shower wall 🙁 I have to be me more mindful and keep those fans on and leave the door open. It’s so hard when you never had to worry about that kind of thing before.

  2. Our bathroom is small and I really don’t like it but it does it’s job! Thanks for sharing your tips! Air circulation is definitely important!

  3. Alhamdulillah, we have good ventilation in our bathrooms. Clean bathroom is very important for healthy living. Thanks for sharing this article.

  4. The condition of a bathroom is really important along with ventilation for a healthy lifestyle. Jazakallahu Khayr for sharing this with us

  5. We’ve had various issues with condensation in our bathroom. Will bear your suggestions in mind.

  6. Size of the bathroom, amenities, lighting and ventilation are definitely key features to be considered for a good bathroom. Even if it’s small in size at least it should be functional and kept tidy.

  7. I had no idea the lighting had so many purposes, this was great information and good to know for reference, thanks so much for taking the time out to write and share this with us!

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