Health Benefits of Onions For Body

Health Benefits of Onions For body

Health Benefits of Onions For Body – Shallots have a Latin name Allium Cepa L and included in
Aggregatum group. Red onion, along with his brother garlic and onions
is a good seasoning for cooking in Southeast Asia and the world. Javanese people call
red onions as scallions. These plants allegedly came from central Asia
and Southeast Asia, including Indonesia. Benefits of onion are most prevalent in cooking.
Whether it’s as a condiment or as a flavor enhancer.
Usually, people use onion bulbs that Telang sliced thin and fried and
sprinkled on dishes such as soup, stew, and so forth. In addition,
red onion leaves are also used for sprinkling pleased to add flavor dishes.

In the onion contains some nutrients such as potassium, fiber, folic acid and vitamin C. Not only was it, red onions also contain calcium and iron as well as the natural body regulating substances such as hormones auxin and gibrelin to see the content of the red onion. Of onion is no less efficacious when compared with his brother garlic. have mentioned some of the benefits of onion as follows.

Health Benefits of Onions For Body

1. Prevent Cancer
The first properties of the onion are to prevent cancer. Shallots are able to prevent cancer in the onion contains quercetin which function effectively to combat free radicals. By eating onion noodle, things can reduce the risk of stomach cancer by 50%.

2. Strengthen the immune system
Quercetin, besides being able to prevent cancer was also able to fight bacteria and fungi that cause inflammation (inflammatory). Therefore flu by eating onions you can boost your immune system, so avoid and various diseases.

3. Prevent Diabetes
In addition to the two above benefits, onion can be used to prevent diabetes disease. Mineral substance inside red onions make onion able to prevent the disease. The substance is kromiun and very effective to reduce the risk of insulin resistance, and is able to control your blood sugar levels so that you avoid and diabetes.

4. Strengthen the heart
Chromium was also able to strengthen your heart. In addition to preventing diabetes, chromium contained in the onion was able to strengthen the heart, so avoid heart disease complicating diabetes.

5. Lose weight
Are you in trouble with your weight? Then you want to lose weight? If only with exercise alone, it is not enough to lose weight you. You must compensate with the proper nutrition that helps you lose weight. One of the important nutrients in weight loss is chromium. Chromium is found in red onions. Therefore, by eating onions can help you lose weight.

Health Benefits of Onions For Body is a material that is very easy to find turned out to be useful for our body. Shallots in addition very useful for seasoning and cooking to flavor it also has benefits for human health. Thus you do not need to doubt and fear to consume onions as true onion is very useful for your health. Hopefully this article on the health benefits of red onion mi beneficial to us all.



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