Health Benefits of Bananas To The Human Body


Benefits of Bananas For Health – Some type of fruit is very good once in consumption, especially for people who are diet, one of the fruit is fruit Bananas, there are various types of bananas that can be found all around us, be it in the form of small, long, or large. Each of these types of bananas can be though as you wish, as there are examples of suitable materials used for fried bananas, made the compote, there are also good in use as materials for banana chips.

In addition can be used as an ingredient to add height, bananas beneficial to the diet as I have mentioned above. For the people of Asia, one of them in Indonesia probably already familiar bananas for bananas has been used since our ancestors have been eating bananas as food or snacks. There are many benefits for health banana, such as in the quotation from, here is the Health Benefits of Bananas For Body.

Benefits of Bananas

1. Diet
If you’re implementing diet program to lose weight then becomes one of banana fruit should be considered to be passed because the fiber content that is useful banana facilitate your digestion process. In addition to banana fiber, bananas also have a low-calorie content is about 108 and can prevent excess blood sugar content.

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2. Prevent Cancer
A study ever made by the internal Journal of Cancer found that eating a banana for a week about 4 to 6 pieces, less exposed to the risk of kidney cancer, it is proven in women diminution risk by 50%.

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3. Lowering Blood Pressure
High blood pressure is at risk of stroke, and therefore to minimize it, then you need to lower your blood pressure to make your health better, it turns bananas are also beneficial for lowering blood pressure because they contain high potassium with more than 13%, therefore if you want to have normal blood pressure, eat bananas routinely and regularly every day.

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4. Bone Health
Bone is a very important component of the body and survival due to bone described as the pillar that allows the body can stand upright and be normal activity, the content of potassium in bananas contained useful to prevent bone loss, making bones more strong.

Bananas are one of the fruits that taste sweet when ripe and change color from green to yellow, although there are also having a color other than the two mentioned if you eat a banana when heat will probably get freshness, especially if made juice would further favor. Maybe that some information about Benefits of Bananas For Health. Hope it is useful.


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