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Pinokio from disneyland
Pinokio from disneyland

Lying is an attitude of someone who has clearly forbidden in the religion and lying can cause a negative impact in social life. Negative impacts that people often lie like going into bad habits that will carry over into adulthood, will not be favored, and will lose the trust of others. Moreover What if your child is lying? And how best to fix it? What causes a child to lie?

Below are some of the causes of children speaking a lie?

  • He wanted something or wanted to be the center of attention
    See Her case, One time he was playing with his friend that his friend had a nice toy car. Then he suddenly said, “I’ve got more great toy car in my house”. Yet, he did not have a toy car at home. This may happen because he wanted a toy car as it or may not want to be seen low in front of his friend.
  • Mimic what he sees.
    We all believe that every parent does not teach evil to his son, one of which is the nature of lying. But sometimes it does not know you often shows an example which is not good in front of the child so that he emulate. see the proof of this, “Brother, if later my friend come tell mom not there ok!”.
    Well, such things is to make your child think that lying is something that is allowed.
  • Afraid of getting into trouble.
    an example, One time he got the test scores are bad he will not be admitted to his mother that her test scores were ugly. This happens because you are too often scold the child.

How to deal with the most good for the children who love to lie?

  • If the child wants something seen by misrepresenting as described above, you better say something like this, “”Honey, you also want a toy car that seemed to have him? Other times, the child’s mother this beautiful should not lie anymore! Mom will buy the same car toys! ” Parents should have the feeling that is sensitive, especially for children.
  • You do not get too often scolded child. Because, he would often speak a lie when they made mistakes because of fear of being scolded by you. If he makes a mistake, the kind and gentle rebuke that he would not make that mistake again.
  • Give children stories or fairy tales about the punishment for those who like to lie so that children are afraid to lie. Tuck also religious values in it that you need to speak a language that is simple and can be easily understood by the child.
  • Never did lie especially in front of children. Even if you have a bad temper, then do not ever do ugliness in front of children because they will mimic what you do.

Finally, we already know some of the causes of child lying and how to handle it. But need to know, if your child likes to tell an unreasonable and imaginative, it is not a lie. For the time being let’s just like that, because it is basically the children had high imaginative power. Let them fantasize with imagination, but you must still accompany and limit so as not to cause big problems.



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