Getting to know the names, character and duties of angels in islam


Religion Islam is built on three pillars of religion, that is Islam, Faith and Ihsan ( ناسحI ). In a hadith related to this, the Prophet Muhammad to explain what Islam, Iman and Ihsan. Belief in angels is one of faith for Muslims.

Angel is one among the beings of God who came from light. What light? Is not explained the details of this and we are not burdened law to find out about it. Mother Aisha said that the Prophet said, “Angels were created from light, jinn were created from fire, and Adam was created from what already exists to you (the ground).” (Hadith. Muslim no. 2996)

The nature of Angels

The angels of God are created beings without its passions, so that they know is obedience alone. Among traits of the Angels described in the Qur’an and the hadith are the following:

  1. Always obedient to God’s command and did not dispute the command at all.
  2. Always worship God in a glorifies, prostrating or anything commanded by of Allah
  3. Never do anything that of Allah forbids.
  4. Always ask forgiveness for the believers.
  5. Angels can be transformed into a human, according to what they want with the permission of Allah.
  6. Does not possess arrogant or be proud of with treasures such as humans, although they always worship Allah until the Day of Judgment.
  7. Will be blessed as a Muslim managed to grab lailatul Qadr.

Humans and angels have differences as follows:

1. Created from light.
2. Not gender.
3. Everything is obedient to of Allah.
4. Does not have any its passions.
5. Do not breed.
6. Including supernatural beings that can not be seen by the human eye.

Human :
1. Created from the ground.
2. Having gender.
3. Not a supernatural being.
4. Some of these apostates or infidels to of Allah.
5. Having its passions.
6. Breed.
7. etc.

God did create the number of angels very much. However, there are 10 (types) of angels we need to know as a Muslim. Here are the names of the angels.

1. Angel Gabriel

The main task of the angel Gabriel is to convey the revelation from Allah to the Prophets and Messengers since the time of Adam. Especially to the Prophet Muhammad, Gabriel is one of his best friends who always come cheer when he was sad, confused or scared.

Relationship Gabriel to the Prophet Muhammad is very close. One time, the second grandson of the Prophet, Hasan and Husain ra, was hit by a disease, the Prophet Muhammad was restless. At that time, Gabriel also came to the Prophet and asked which about reads, “What’s going on, why does your face look so sad?”, Then he replied, “Hasan and Husain are sick”, the angel Gabriel was taught prayers to the Prophet Muhammad that two beloved grandsons was cured.

Besides conveying the revelation, the angel Gabriel also served as a connector guidance into the human heart of God. It was he who put guidance to the leaders to do justice, and he is also a pull out when commanded by God.

2. Angel Michael

Michael Angel duty spreading sustenance that God has define for His creatures. A form of sustenance given is very diverse including health, food, property, safety and others. In essence, he was in charge of prosperity the living beings who live on Earth, including plants and animals.

3. Angel Malik

Angel Malik is the leader of the angels guard and the guard of hell. Described, he is very strict and do not have a sense of compassion for the people of hell at all. Angel Malik is the leader of the angels torturers are huge numbers.


4. Angel Ridwan

Ridwan angel is given the mandate by God to keep heaven. Ridwan guardian angels of heaven and the people so that they feel safe and secure. He also will greet people of faith when they enter heaven with congratulations and face beaming. May we all be able to enter Al-Jannah.

5. The angel Azrael

This angel task is to take the lives of every being living in his world when the time is over. Name angel Azrael never actually mentioned in the Qur’an and hadith Saheeh, but the name is derived from the stories of Bani Israel. Angel Azrael is mentioned in the Qur’an of the angels is just the “Angel of Death”.

However, according to some of the statements of scholars and pious people, his name is like that. This is based on their recognition that they had been visited by an angel Azrael.

6 & 7. Angels Munkar and Nakeer

Angels Munkar and Nakir is the name of a type of angel who will provide questions to the spirits of the dead in the grave. The questions that will be asked is about God, the Prophet and the religion of the deceased that we will soon overtake them.

8 & 9. Angel Raqid and Atid

Raqib and ‘Atid not the name of an angel, but showed the nature of angels. Roqib trait that shows an angel who always supervises humans, is in the left and right sides. While the ‘Atid show angels are always present wherever we are.

Raqib and ‘Atid is a kind of angel who recorded deeds of us all. Whether it be words, actions, thoughts and even in the heart.

10. Angel Israfil

Israfil is (in Muslim tradition) the angel of music, who will sound the trumpet on Judgment Day, which is a sign that the end of the world. When the trumpet is blown, then the whole of God’s creatures will die, unless He wills.

Want to know more angels see below :

Angel bearers Divine Throne

In the Qur’an, it is mentioned that there are eight angels who were to carry the Throne, the greatest of God’s creatures. The verse is in the Al-Haqqah 17th.

In a hadith history, the magnitude of the guardian angels’ the Throne is illustrated by the distance between the ear and shoulder, which if you want to go through, should go through the normal course of 700 years. Imagine, now that the distance between the shoulder with his ears, his body has not been great.

Angel Guard Mount

History of the existence of guardian angels of the mountain can we find in the story of Prophet Muhammad SAW when it moved to the city of Ta’if.

Peoples torturer angel of Hell

As mentioned already in the description of the angel Malik, that he was a leader of all the angel’s tormentor in hell. The angel’s tormentor the numbers are very a lot, many more than the number of human beings and jinns were put into hell. However, among the many angels, there are 19 large angels under the leadership of Malik angel.

And another angel

To find out the number of angels is very difficult because so a lot and a source of information are lacking. in almost all aspects of our lives, there are angels helping, praying, watching, duty and so on. The point is, we need (even required) to believe in angels because it relates to the subject of faith. Wallahu a’lam




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